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I’m looking at North Middlesex Hospital. The North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust operates a busy acute general hospital serving the communities of the London Boroughs of Enfield and Haringey, and surrounding areas. It is located in Edmonton, on the south side of the North Circular Road and on the Enfield/Haringey border. It serves a diverse and, in places, highly dependent population of approximately a quarter of a million people. Their nurses are categorised into different bands to know what skills and qualities each person has. They are quite a big organisation with a lot of staff.

They have more than 500 staff working there. The interviewee has worked there for 6 years now as a nurse, and is in Band 6. She works in the operating theatres department, where they do all the major operations. The interviewee is a nurse and plays a major part in the operations. Identifying training needs Identifying training needs of an individual or a group of people is very important for an institution like North Middlesex Hospital. The nurses there, depending on the ‘band’ they are classified in are required to have specific skills in order to start work.

They can be identified by the organisation conducting a performance management process. This way, the personal skills development or training requires is linked with the training requirements of the business. In the case of the person i interviewed, she identified the training needs she needed by herself . i. e. she knew she didn’t have a specific skill, and decided to go on a course to gain that skill. Training could either be done by on-the-job training method, which includes employees working while they under-went training.

That is, they would be under supervision by one of their following already skilled colleagues, or a mentor. This is quite good as the skill will be possessed in a familiar place with familiar equipment. Or the training could also have been done off-the-job, which means that the employee goes away from the workplace, off-site, and takes a course. It will most likely be in the form of a presentation, plus a practice session where individuals get to have hands-on practice. Off the job training is usually good as where the training is under-gone; usually have more equipment than the work place.

Another type of training is induction training, although this is usually done when a person starts a job at an organisation. They will learn the basic skills required working at their work place, health and safety skills, emergency exits, what o do in case of emergencies, and other company specifics needed to be learnt. Basically all the things needed for the employee to feel welcome and comfortable at their new workplace, as if they do, they will be more productive at work. Reasons for training

Some reasons for a person wanting to undergo training or development in a certain area will probably either be personal, or it might also be to broaden knowledge in a specific area. It could also be that training in a specific area is required by an organisation for an individual to start work. Although there is induction training, other additional training, or past qualifications may be required. The interviewee said that the reason for her training was that she wanted to learn more about a specific procedure that was undergone at the hospital. ‘To be more competent in a specialty in Orthopaedics trauma training.

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