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Letters are highly used within all businesses. Letters are not difficult to produce and do not require a lot of time to produce. They are a trusted method of communication as they provide written record which can be used in a dispute. Within a business letters can be used to contact customers and can also be used to contact other members of staff or management. For example a letter would be written to the manager by an employee when they decide to resign from their position. Letters are suitable to be used within businesses as the writing style used in letters is very formal and the format of a letter is very well structured.

This gives off good messages about the company and will make a good impression to the person reading the letter. If a company were contacting one of their customers regarding a payment they have not made a letter would be appropriate as it addresses the person it is written to directly and the formal language and clear structured used in the letter will give off a good impression of the company. Memorandums are used in businesses for proportionately shorter messages between members of staff. Memorandums are much less structured and less formal than letters, they can include bullet points.

A memorandum can be used when notifying another member of staff on a task they need to complete Memorandums are suitable methods of communication for communicating between members of staff as they are informal and can include bullet points. They are suitable as they directly address the person who the memorandum is written to as a memorandum always contains a ‘To’ and ‘From’ section at the beginning. Memorandums are also suitable as they can be emailed or printed and given to the person whichever is easier.

A fax is sent through a facsimile machine which can send pictures and documents to other facsimile machines elsewhere which can receive the document. A fax can be used by employees to send documents to other branches of the business this will be received by the other branch quicker than a letter and will also be cheaper. The method of Fax is suitable within businesses as they can send documents to people or other businesses at long distances. This can be done in a short amount of time and saves time compared to posting a document.

A fax is suitable when sending documents to other branches of a business as if a document is required immediately by the other branch it will be received in a very short amount of time. Report Invoice Flow Chart Publicity Material A report is a formal response to a task that has been set to an employee. Once this task has been completed the employee will create this report which will show the investigation they have been involved in including the stages they went through. In an organisation a task will be set to an employee who will then carry out this task, produce a report, and finally present the report to their manager.

A report is a suitable method of communication as it clearly outlines what has been done and the conclusions to what has been done. A report is useful as when the employee has to present the report to their manager a report has a clear layout and a numbering system. This will make it easier to understand and the numbering system will make it easy to refer to when discussing the report afterwards. An invoice is used by a business that are selling products or services usually sent when the goods have been dispatched to the buyer.

The invoice confirms the details of the goods which are being bought, the total cost they are charging, and the date that the payment needs to be made by. An invoice is suitable as it shows the buyer the details, prices, and date of the payment. This makes sure that the buyer is clear about what has been sent to them and at what price. An invoice is suitable as it is written method of communication so therefore if there is any kind of dispute between the buyer and seller an original copy of an invoice can be used in evidence for either the buyer or seller.

Flow charts are diagrams that show a process which has a number of steps which require questions on different decisions that need to be made along the process. A business may use a flow chart to show employees how to carry out practical tasks making sure that they carry out the processes outlined correctly Publicity Material is different ways in that an organisation tries to attract attention to what they are offering in order to promote the sales of the organisation. A retail company would use publicity material in order to gain awareness of what they are selling and to encourage customers to buy what they are offering.

Flow charts are suitable as they are very clear and easy to understand so therefore employees will not find it hard to read or understand. Flow Charts also help a conclusion to be made without having to talk to somebody for them to explain all the stages and outcome. As flow charts help to identify problems and potential improvements they are suitable as when the employee is carrying out the practical task they are able to know when they are doing something correctly or incorrectly.

Publicity Material is suitable for businesses to use as they need to somehow gain awareness of what they have to offer. By using publicity material such as billboards and television adverts a business can let customers know what this company are selling or what service they are offering. Publicity Material is suitable as it can be delivered in different forms depending on what audience is trying to be attracted. For example a business which are selling electrical products can use Publicity Material like television adverts in order to attract attention to the products they are offering.

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