Our Lady’s Juggler

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The theme of the story was how those with the kindest and purest hearts are the ones who are truly in touch with God. The story Our Lady’s Juggler was basically about this man named Barnabas who wanted to become more in tune with God and he wanted to become a monk so that he could fully understand the greatness of God, but he was afraid that his lack of knowledge would bring him down. When he told the monk about how much he looked up to him the monk decided to help Barnabas become a monk.

While he was being taught the way to become closer to God there were so many things he had to leave behind. He had to leave behind his job as a juggler even though it made him happy and even though he lived a simple life he was content. He never wanted anything more than what he had, and he was never tempted to wrong anyone and he never envied anyone. He was just happy the way he was because he was good at juggling and he was proud of it.

Once he entered the monks place, he did not feel like himself he felt a bit oppressed because there were so many rules enforced by the Christian institute, and he could not say anything about it. He just had to sit there quietly and listen to what the older men had to say. One day he just decided to go back to what he really knew and turns out that in order for him to be one with God then you must live a simple life like how Barnabas was living.

Everyone thought he was going mad until they saw the Blessed Virgin descend the steps of the altar and advance to wipe away the sweat from Barnabas’ forehead. Insight: I liked the ending of the story because the people who thought they knew it all were proven wrong and the one that they thought was ignorant and going insane was actually the only sane one there. Because he did what he loved and what made him happy and feel complete and because of that the Blessed Virgin acknowledged his existence.

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