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Information technology has been growing rapidly over the last decade. As a result, it is essential for today’s business companies to implement Information Systems in their operation. A well established Information System can help a company operate its business efficiently and effectively. Nevertheless, a good Information System is also essential for the survival of a company in today’s competitive world of business. Hence, it is strongly recommended that today’s companies implement the suitable Information System for the well-being and growth of their respective businesses.

1.2 Company Abstract : R ; B Homecare is a major supplier of wheelchairs in MIri and Sarawak. It is totally a Malaysian owned company established by its sole proprietor, Mr. Hashim in 1982. During R ; B Homecare’s 21 years of operation, it has expanded its business to 4 branches in some of the more populated cities in Sarawak. In order to carry out smooth operation of R & B Homecare’s business as a major wheelchair supplier in Sarawak, the company now possesses a workforce of 800 employees.

The company’s head office is situated in 313, Wisma Wan, Jalan Premier, Lutong, 91213 Miri, Sarawak. The main business activity of R & B Homecare is to supply wheelchairs to public hospitals, old folks’ homes, nursing homes and public consumers mainly around Sarawak. The following is the organization chart of R ; B Homecare:

The first phase to develop an Information System is planning. Planning is defined as the initial phase of the System Development Life Cycle(SDLC) whose objective is to identify the scope of the new system and plan the project (Worthington 2003, Pg 219). My name is Jenson Jong. I am a qualified Information Systems designer currently working for Narnia Information Systems Design Company. During my past 6 years working under this competitive company, I have successfully designed effective Information Systems for more than 20 big companies. I graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Bachelor of Information Systems Design in the year 1996. With my recent participation in the Information Systems World Expo held in Singapore, I am confident to design a capable yet effective Information System for R ; B Homecare for now and years to come.

2.2.1 Objectives : As R ; B Homecare is operating with 4 branches, a large workforce and also has a target market in different cities in Sarawak, it is critical for the company to implement Information Systems in its business. Thus, I wish to propose 5 systems to the company’s current business operations. First of all, I would provide Electronic Mail for every staff of the company. With Electronic Mail, the senior managing staff is able to pass announcements or notices to their subordinates with ease and in a short time. Besides, Electronic Mail provides convenience of communication if employees were to travel overseas for the company’s business.

Moreover, Electronic Mail can offer better customer services. This is because customers can contact the relevant employees for enquiries and complications about the company’s products. Next, application for leave entitlements and sick days by employees of the company will be done through the internet. All these information and holidays owing of employees will be recorded in the company’s computer systems so that they are easily retrievable when required. Besides that, I also propose that the company implement a payroll management system. The payroll management system will accurately determine the salary and wage of casual, part-time, and full time employees accordingly.

In order for consumers to learn more about R ; B Homecare and its products, I suggest that the company set up a website. This company website will provide sufficient information to consumers such as contacts, location of branches, product variety and product prices. Nevertheless, the website is able to receive suggestions from customers about the company’s services and products. Lastly, as the company owns up to 20 private vehicles to deliver its products to customers, it is essential for the company to implement a car log book entry system. This particular system can monitor and record the costs spent on deliveries.

2.2.2 Purpose : The main purpose of implementing the five Information Systems into R & B Homecare’s business operations is to overcome problems, errors and inefficiencies faced by the company without Information System. For example, the senior management has to inform every employee about an announcement. Without implementing Electronic Mail for every employee, distributing the announcement to every employee is a tedious yet time consuming job. R ; B Homecare is currently using the traditional method of paper and pen for the application of leave and also recording sick days and holidays owing of employees.

Without using computers, the sick day and holidays owing records of employees are difficult to retrieve due to unorganized book keeping. Besides, employees will find it more convenient to apply for leaves through Electronic Mail. Currently, R ; B Homecare has to hire several employees to manage the payroll information. However, with the new payroll management system, it only needs one or two employees to manage the input of payroll information. Nevertheless, it is difficult for customers to learn more about R ; B Homecare’s products without a company’s website. Besides, setting up a company website can also provide information about the location of branch outlets nearest to the customer. Lastly, the car log book entry system can solve the problem of employees using the company’s vehicle for personal purposes. Furthermore, it can also record precise cost for product deliveries.

2.2.3 Goals : By implementing Information System, R & B Homecare is able to market their products better, conduct E-commerce, provide better customer services, coordinate its employees effectively and also reduce error rates in their business operations. In order to achieve all these goals, R & B Homecare is proposed to implement all 5 of the systems mentioned above. Generally, the proposed Information System promises the efficiency of R & B Homecare’s business operation. It also prepares the company for its expansion of business to West Malaysia in 2005.

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