Organisations and also their limits

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For this coursework I am going to be writing about the concepts of marketing distinctiveness of the marketing mix for two organisations and also their limits and all the aspects that is shown on the principles of marketing Overall concept If the company follows the marketing concept then that company does everything to the decision of customer and planning out. So before the produce the product they will look at the point of view of customers this is also referred to as market oriented business.

The other form of a business is product oriented business which is when the product gets produced and with advertisements they try to get customers attention. The dissimilarity between the orientations is the following production concept and selling concept. The production concept works with the production and distribution economies. They need to manufacture their products to make it affordable for the customer also products that are already available are less expensive than products that need to be manufactured in need of the customer.

For example we have Microsoft and they listened to the ideas of their customer before producing the newest inventing of Microsoft 7 which was sold to a much higher price than all the other ones. So if you wanted to upgrade your computer you had to pay an amount of more than i?? 200. The selling concept is when they let customers decide but they actually wouldn’t be interested in the product. Imagine sales people who come to your door they use some method to persuade to buy the product even if you don’t need the product.

As some of them can also get aggressive with persuading which makes customers afraid and as a result they have to consider the product. Also reports in the news have shown that many electricity and gas companies’ whole sale people have to use these method to bring sales up. The marketing concept is when businesses are more likely to satisfy their customers and become ahead of the competition with focussing on customer needs to meet their objectives

Businesses objectives in the beginning are surviving and making profit after they have actually achieved those objectives, when they become in the same stage of the competitor the business can consider the marketing concept to become ahead of the competitor as the demand for the product might decrease so the business has to find out about new ideas through marketing concept to find out about needs and wants of customer during a time period.

So for example we have the MP3 player but the demand for that has been reduced during past years as people are looking for something original, better appearance and useful so Apple got those needs and wants in mind and created the iPod. Nowadays there are more of these and they are still improving with it. In January the 28th of 2010 another Ipad got launched which was called the Ipad.

It has got 140. 000 touch-optimised apps, very slim in shape as it is 1.5 pounds and 0. 5 inches thick and many other features. It might look easy to look at customer’s point of view and create something that meets needs and wants but many organisations find it very complicated to do such a thing, in fact many of these organisations are now concentrating on their convenience then on the customers. Marketing definitions Businesses have to make sure those products that customers need or want are ready available for them to buy it.

A clear explanation of marketing would understand the needs and wants of customers by indentifying it first by doing market research and anticipating what they would like in the future then lastly satisfying customers to build a trust between the customer and the organisation. Before businesses can make decisions they have to collect information, analyse the information thoroughly and then consider the price of the product by seeing how much its value is. Through these process organisations can exactly find out about needs and wants of their customers.

It is not very useful for businesses to find out what people are doing and thinking now but what they would prefer for the future something that is new and different therefore businesses use market research to anticipate what likes and preferences of customers are for the future. This might look hard but organisations are capable of doing this, they even made products which met the needs of customers when there were no needs using marketing. Customer needs can be identified very easy and fast but the main problem would be how to satisfy customer needs and create a product that will meet their requirements.

This is a necessary thing to do as they need the profit to supply money for new products. Once there product becomes a hit, they want to keep improving the product to meet needs for the future. This is the same as with the iPod, it became very popular and every new one which was improved became more popular. Imagine how much profit the company made by keeping improving their product. Advertising campaigns are more expensive than market research as there are many different ways to advertise the new product.

For example advertising it in the newspaper or flyers is a cheap thing to do but fewer customers can find out about the promotion. So its better especially for huge companies to advertise it on a popular football team which is likely to win as customers might think that the business is supporting their favourite team and therefore they want to consider it before the competitors. Voluntary or public organisations on the other hand might want to use the money to improve their services and keep providing a free service for people who require the extra support.

Marketing decisions are based on the views of customers therefore businesses put customers before anything this is the bond of customers and producers. Also the phrase the customer is always right comes in this category, Marketing principles Basic aims of marketing are: Understanding customer needs: organisations need to apply customer needs to make their product successful especially nowadays where markets change in a blink of a eye and there is too much competition so you have to keep improving products to keep up with the competition.

This is exactly what iPod is doing at the moment. Phillips on the other hand was one of those who failed to realise the consequence of these principles as it had created the mp3 player but it didn’t keep improving or changing it so it was ahead of the competition but after a few years demand for the MP3 player decreased as many other competitors had come up with new gadgets. If we look around who can’t even see many people with a MP3 player no more even if its cheaper we still see more people with Iphones, iPods etc.

If you think about it yesterday the MP3 player was popular now it is old news. So now businesses always think about tomorrow rather than about yesterday. Keeping ahead of competition: as the Phillips was ahead of the other companies it went behind as there became too much competition the company had to deal with. The minute the iPod came in the market everyone without even thinking about it threw their MP3 player away as they saw what new features the iPod had and how the design was more attractive.

Nokia was quiet for a bit but now even Nokia wants to keep up with the competition else their organisation might fail. Like all other organisation who didn’t attempt to make more effort by improving and bringing new gadgets to the market. Nokia N900 is a smart phone which you can use as a computer and also call with however the fact that Nokia didn’t thought about the weight wasn’t sensible as the phone is very heavy and thick. Apple on the other hand already analysed and anticipated these problems and came with the improved version of the N900 which is quit similar but very slim and light.

Samsung is the first to come up with the 3D TV where everyone can sit at home in front of the new TV with 3D glasses on and watch everything in 3D. This is again an improvement of Phillips who failed to create a TV where you could see 3D without having to use 3D glasses. The product was finished and ready for the market but it didn’t satisfied the customers as the quality wasn’t that good but like Samsung would do, Phillips could have improved the TV but is stopped and that made them behind of their competition.

Now we just have to wait for the new Samsung TV to enter our markets and see if Samsung would become ahead of the company or not. Communication effectively with consumers: as many people say it’s not only the product that needs to be persuasive but also the person who is selling it. So therefore customers need to use very convincing advertisements. If we look at all the advertisements for the Iphone it exactly shows all the features of the phone and how to use it. As it says there is an app for just everything. Imagine if the advertising was some plain advert with someone holding an Iphone.

Customers get attracted by bright and colourful things. Also the advert needs to have an understandable sound to hear what they are on about. The Iphone has included all these points and therefore it has been very successful. The advert exactly shows what customer wants to have in a phone. Also where there is much competition these days, organisations have to use several promotions to make you apply the word Iphone to the product. So if you think about a smart phone. You get Iphone in your head. The same way the Hoover Company did that.

They had many promotions back in the days. So when everyone said vacuum cleaner you would get the name Hoover in your head. Nowadays when people want to vacuum clean their house they would be like I have to Hoover my house. It doesn’t make sense but since everyone applies the word Hoover to the vacuum cleaner it has been used in place of a vacuum cleaner. Even if people have a Dyson vacuum cleaner they would carry on calling it the Hoover. Why not say I’m going to Dyson the living room rather than Hoovering because people are used to this.

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