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The word ‘business’ is actually derived from the idea of ‘busy-ness’. This idea accurately describes most organisations: they are busy organising resources, producing, selling, managing people and keeping track of finances. The people running the business have to organise people, money, materials and machines to produce a good or service to sell or give to their customers. The discussion I instigated was with a worker who works for Mars. His job is a sales development manager which involves him being part of a sales team which is the final connection between Mars and its marketplace.

Their key responsibility is to manage business relationships with retailers, providing brands to consumers. Sales teams translate brand strategies into practical promotions that build sales at retail level. What is the legal structure of the organisation? Mars is an incorporated business; this means it has a separate legal identity from its owners. The business can be sued, taken over and liquidated. It is also a public limited company and can sell shares to raise finance and production costs can be lowered to gain economies of scale and Mars therefore can dominate the market share.

In which sector of the economy is the organisation? It is in the private sector as all the decisions about what is produced how to produce it and where to produce it are made by private individuals based on free market information. What is its product or service? Mars is best known for its confectionary range and there are lots of products that can be named but it has diversified into other areas such as: o Snack food o Pet care o Main Meal Food o Drinks o Electronics o Information Technology .

How large is the organization? and 5. Where is it geologically located? It is a large multinational and many Mars brands are now available in over one hundred countries on five continents. In Europe, South America and North America, Asia and Australia the combined core businesses are run on a regional basis, each reporting in to a Regional President. Mars does not have a large central headquarters. The Slough branch is where he currently works but has been offered a place in a smaller business owned by Mars.

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