Organisational Dynamics

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In February 2009 the data entry of Ryanair airline has a problem and the entire passenger’s date of flight have been mixed up. Ryanair has received numerous amounts of complaints and it has been reported on the BBC 24hours news. When a customer decides to make a complaint to Ryanair, they are likely to speak to the customer service department first as customer service is the front line of a company.

Customer service department is designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction this means that the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation purely by having a department where the customer is able to praise or make any comments regarding a product or service. For Ryanair, their customer service department is located at Ireland there are several ways to contact the airline for any Delay complaints or cancellation for the customers; the address for Cancellation and Delay Complaints are made to EU Passenger Compensation Dept, PO Box 11451, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland.

Alternatively the passenger is able to fax the complaint to +353 19121676. Ryanair’s policy for complaints is for the customers to make sure they know what is happening before they fly to minimise any dispute that may occur. The complaint was made and the complaint details must be entered into the system for future references and for the owners of Ryanair to find out what the problem was, especially that fact that the problem has been made public.

The administration department is involved because they need to record the complaint information and take the details of the person complaining so they are able to see whether there are any alternatives that could be made. Administrators are required to help meet the organization’s goals. They often make the planning of a decision for a company such as deciding in advance what to do if something happens just like when a customer files a complaint, they will need to know how to deal with it, when to do it, and who should do it.

The section manager is responsible for being responsible for the section they are in, it can be geographical location or for a certain department, by having section managers it helps Ryanair’s business progressing as this saves time to transfer information or disturb the directors for decisions when the section manager can make all the decisions and report back to the directors if the issue is minor, however if the issue is major then the section manager may need to refer back to the directors.

All the section manager across the 31 bases is involved in the dispute because if one passenger faces problem with the flight booking it is likely many others will have a problem. The manager’s role to the issue is to find out the reason behind the problem and offer the passenger an alternative settlement. Often if it’s only a dispute by one customer the section manager is able to make the decision of offering an alternative settlement for the customer but because it happened for several customers the section managers are likely to consult with the directors.

If the manager decides to offer the passenger any accommodation then the Finance department is involved because they will need to firstly work out how much the bad publicity is costing the business, the amount of losses they have made for the problems with the data processing and the cost for any alternatives made for the passengers. The sales department is involved because they are required to sell a product (in Ryanair’s case, plane tickets) to the customers, they can sell their tickets using two ways; using EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) and manually by speaking to the customers directly.

However due to the technology all of the tickets that are sold from Ryanair will be sold via the use of e-tickets (electronic tickets), because of the issue with the tickets the sales department will need to work hard to inform any customers who wish to book their flight the problem that they are facing. The human resource department is responsible for the planning of employees, whenever there are employees there must be involvement of the human resource because they are the ones that hires employees, train all the employees, manage the pay for the employees and the ones that deal with any problems.

The Human Resources department will be involved because they would like to know what was happening during the complaint and whether the customer service person is upset over anything the customer may of said. As the dispute is quite major the human resources department is likely to send a few more employees to the bases that has dissatisfied customers and possibly have more employees by the customer service team because at this matter most of the customers would like to speak to a human rather than a machine.

All of the departments link to the Information Technology (I. T) department, the I. T department is responsible for monitoring the website’s traffic and ensure everything runs smoothly for both the customers using their website and employees computers within Ryanair’s hub. Ryanair may have many I. T department because they are located across Europe therefore if a whole hub’s computers are down in (for example) Stansted airport the I.

T department is able to send an engineer to sort out the computers as soon as possible because in the airline industry (and every business) ‘every minute is money’. The Information Technology department is involved because they will need to fix the computer that has made a problem and find out whether the system and server has been infected by any computer virus and if that was the problem they will need to remove every single virus and need to reprogram all the computers and update the systems afterwards.

The Public Relations (PR) are responsible for building relationships with the press and because they are known as the eyes and ears of their client they will need to be keeping up with relevant news and making sure they know what they are talking about in particularly if they are speaking on behalf of their client after an incident. The P.

R of Ryanair will also be involved because they will need to respond to the questions that the newsroom will be asking and any customer questions, they will need to obtain information regarding the problem of the complaints from Ryanair, and inform the passengers the route of the problem and any alternative arrangements that is made for the passengers.

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