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Cell Wall
Outside of a plant cell that supports and protects it

Stores material such as water, salts, proteins and carbs

captures energy from the sun and converts it to chemical energy (food) in a process called photosynthesis

Brain of the cell, contains all the cell’s DNA with coded instructions for making proteins and other molecules

Whip-like organelle used for movement

Tiny hair-like structures used for movement

Extensions of the cytoplasm used to move single celled organisms

Organelle filled enzymes. Breaks down lipids, carbs, and proteins. Remove `junk` from cells and old organelles

Threadlike structures that contain the genetic information that is passed from one generation of cells to another. Coiled up DNA, contain genetic information

Particles of RNA and protein that produce proteins with instructions from the nucleus

Converts chemical energy (food) stored in food to a more usable form of energy (POWERHOUSE)

Cell Membrane
Regulates what enters and leaves a cell

Dense region of the nucleus where ribosomes are made

Water based jelly-like substance outside the nucleus

Endoplasmic Reticulum
The site of assembly and production of proteins, lipids, and other materials

Golgi Apparatus
Modify, sort and package proteins and other material for storage or secretion

Organizes cell division located near the nucleus

Membrane bound sac that transports proteins and other materials from the Golgi Apparatus to other parts of the cell

Prokaryotic Cell
Cell with NO nucleus, very simple, been around for millions of years. Example: Bacteria

Eukaryotic Cell
Cell with NUCLEUS, membrane-bound organelles, very complex. Examples: Plant cells, animal cells, fungi
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