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Analyse ways in which producers of magazine adverts language and presentational devices in order to sell products. This essay will discuss and focus on the advertising techniques used on the public to sell products. It is based around advertisements in magazines and the variety of adverts I have collected. The essay will focus on presentational techniques of advertisers, their differentiation between fact and opinion, their use of friendly language, the persuasive techniques and the memory devices that they imply.

To gain the readers attention advertisements use presentational techniques, the lay out of their advert can be a successive factor for the advertiser. Photographs, font sizes, font type and animated pictures and colour schemes these techniques are used to initially to draw the reader in and also sometimes to add comedy, an appeal to tradition or a snob appeal to an otherwise simple advert. Photographs are used to show the public what this particular product looks like or add a scene to the advert intensifying the mood, photographs are unusually placed on an advert enlarged to show the audience what the product is larger and also implying a more for less technique photographs are usually a main part of an advert, sometimes they show humorous pictures and other times just the product and even on some adverts they are designed to be in the background and not be recognised just to add scene. But the advert I have chosen is a House of Fraser, there is an enlarged picture of the product and it is in a lot of detail.

Font sizes and font types are used to make the advert firstly look nicer and to make certain words in an advert stand out from the rest, for instance in the Shock Waves advert I have chosen the text is at random sizes on first impressions but upon closer inspection the words which are bigger are describing the product and smaller words are just conjunctive words which are not so important when dealing with font sizes and type, font type is also used and is effective when trying to get a snob appeal by putting in a fancy text or an appeal to tradition and quality by making the advert look hand written.

Pictures are used very often in adverts not as expressive as photographs but on nearly every avert there is a picture of some sort, as most logos are pictures and children’s products. For example tweenies merchandise is always bright and colourful with pictures of all the characters on and it will also stand out on the shelf. Drawings for logos is very common the two adverts from wella and House of Fraser have pictures for there logos they may only be small but they are there and they are memorable and recognisable to the public.

Facts and opinions are used in lots of adverts they are used to inform the reader, it has the effect of the reader thinking that they need to buy the product because of the facts and opinions presented, usually the opinions are presented as fact and can’t be proved at all so they are effective. Facts are placed in adverts to build up the product “Two girls engrossed in feeding a cygnet” it is a fact that the girls are feeding a cygnet it can be proved by looking at the product picture but opinions presented as facts cant be proved for example “the crumbliest flakiest chocolate in the world” there isn’t actually any way of proving this at all but Cadburys seem to think so and there is no way of proving it so this opinion comes across as a fact.

Language techniques are implied to make the public readers feel at ease with the advertiser as though they come across as friends so that the public will truest them in a typical advert pronouns, contractions, sentences starting with conjunctions, and also repetition can be classes as a language technique as well as a memory device. Pronouns, addressing the reader personally to grab their attention and make them feel as thought they know the advertiser this is a vary good way of implying a quality technique, as thought their company can take the time to talk to their customers. For example in a Marks and Spencer advertisement words like “yourself” and “you’ll” as thought they are addressing you are used to tell you about their new diet produce and by addressing each individual person it will effectively make them think this diet is just for them.

Contractions also are used to make the advert appear, less longwinded and more common to the public like an accent with words and phrases that them themselves would actually use in everyday speech a House of Fraser advert shows this a little by saying “we’ll introduce” and the word “max” the word max doesn’t actually exist it is a shortened version of maximum but it will be more recognised my the consumer it is aimed at.

Although beginning a sentence with a conjunction is not a major thing it does make the reader think it is an everyday conversation and not an advert because starting sentences with a conjunction is what you do in speech but not in formal writing for example in a remote control car advert from Tyco “And it will blow you away” this is not something you would write in formal text but it is something you would say. Minor sentences, the sentences without a verb are very common in adverts and are used to back up a previous sentence or just as an extra-added comment, these are usually never used in formal text but used in speech all the time especially friendly speech for example a Marks and Spencer advertisement says, “It’s a diet.” Followed up by “Honest.” Honest being just one word with a sentence of its own.

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