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Tesco always without a doubt will use oral communication at there store. Spoken, oral or verbal communication can take many forms – in an interview, as a meeting or in a telephone call, for instance. Telephone calls are always happening at Tesco, but in order to save time and money, Tesco will whether do a video conference. Several people for different parts of the world are connected by telephone at the same time and can speak to each other.

Tesco have to know that in any oral communication it is important to speak clearly. And try to avoid using slang and jargon unless it actually helps others to understand! Tesco will have some problem when speaking to someone else if they are from a different background. The advantages of spoken communication are being fast and immediate. However the disadvantage of verbal communication methods are that they do not allow the same detailed level of preparation and presentation as written methods of communication.

Video communication Tesco will use Video conferencing as Video conferencing allows people in different parts of the world to see and talk to each other without the expense of travelling to a meeting. Specialist video conferencing equipment can be purchased or hired form specialist firms. Modern computers can be fitted with webcams, cameras than can broadcast pictures over the internet. Tesco know that there are some disadvantages with using Video communication, for instance one disadvantage of video communication equipment is that it is expensive. However, if the equipment is used regularly as an alternative to sending people to meetings the savings and convenience are generally considered an advantage.

Written communicationThis can take many forms. Letters, memos, advertisements, reports and e-mail are example of written communication.  Letters – Tesco will use Letters to communicate with people and organisations outside the firm. They are not used for communication within the firm. The highest standard of presentation and spelling are important if a letter is to make a good impression. For this reason is should by typed or word processed on high quality paper. Most firms have their name, address and business symbol (logo) printed at the top or bottom of their headed paper. It is also common to include the name of the company chairman or main directors, for example Tesco’s would be Sir Terry Lee.

Memos – Tesco would use a memo, because it is the most common form of written communication used to pass on massages from one part of the business to another. Memos are not sent to people outside the organisation – letters are used to do it. Memos are usually polite, brief, direct and to the main points. Letters and memos both provide a record of what has been communicated and allow the person writing them to prepare the presentation and wording before sending the message. The disadvantage of these methods of communication is that both the sending and the time taken to receive a reply make them unsuitable for situations requiring swift action.

Reports – When detailed consideration of a subject is needed it is usual for a report to be made. An individual, or groups, will be asked to produce a report for a particular date. This date is known as the deadline. It is important that deadlines are met as failure to do so may delay the work of others. Each business will have its own style for reports but the following features are common. Email – This is a quick way of communication.

Similarly to memos E-mails are usually polite, brief, direct and to the point, but can also be quite informal. Document such as letters, spreadsheets or databases can be attached to the e-mail for the reader to look at if more lengthy communication is needed. Pictures and sound files can also be sent this way. An e-mail is a good way of sending urgently needed written or visual communications and is very cheap to use. The disadvantage is that both senders and receiver need to have access to computer equipment and a telephone line in order to communicate. This can be expensive to set up.

Graphical communication Tesco might think that graphical communication is the best way of communication. This means the use of pictures or diagrams. It can include plans of a building, signs, and charts showing sales in previous years, notices in a notice board or web pages. Good graphical communications can communicate ideas more simply than written words and can be understood by people who go do not have a good grasp of English.

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