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The management of information systems is a very important topic that every organization must develop properly and clearly within it because it is related to handling information necessary to achieve organization’s objectives and goals. It concerns itself with systems which importance to the organisation extends beyond merely assisting it to perform its existing functions efficiently or effectively.

In this assignment we will analyse Marks ; Spencer through its mission statement, key business processes and environmental factors, as wells as its strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities to the organization and the critical factors related to its success. Finally, based on the above analysis we will recommend a specific information system at each of the levels in the management to support the major business functions of the organization and strategize its operations giving it the required competitive edge.

The mission statement is a brief description of what an organisation defines as its underlying purpose and values. The mission aims to summarize the main reason of its operations. An organisation’s vision is reflected in the mission statement; hence vision should be part and parcel of MS. In other words, an organisation’s mission statement needs to incorporate and accommodate its corporate vision. Mission statement could also be used as a tool to give higher purpose for workers as exemplified by Marks ; Spenser. M;S was rather ordinary general store in the early days.

In the 1920s after a visit to Sears Roebuck in the US it redefined its mission statement as “the subversion of the class structure of the 19th century England by making available to the working and lower-middle classes, upper class goods of better than upper-class quality at prices the working and lower-middle classes could well afford”. Few companies might have such precise or socially ambitious mission statement, but Marks ; Spenser did a marvellous job by creating team spirit and unity of purpose among its workforce.

An organisation’s vision is a necessary component of any corporate strategy. In planning a corporate business strategy, it is effective first to develop a corporate vision. Vision is a succinct philosophy defining where an organisation desires to go. Vision is an important integration of the mission statement. Like any other thing, corporate visions could get “tired” after a while, therefore something general needs refreshing after some time to ensure its efficacy.

The point to note is that an organisation’s mission statement and vision are never carved in stone; therefore they have to be shaped and reshaped to ensure that the organisation is nimble and resilient in the face of adversity. Marks and Spencer current Mission statement is very simple and clear: “To make aspirational quality accessible to all”. This mission statement summarizes the aim objective of the company and gives a clear idea of the main interest and final purpose of the organisation.

However this mission shows only the final interest in relation with customers leaving apart other stake holders such as employees, shareholders and suppliers. Besides this mission does not state how this objective is going to be achieved and does not say anything about the organisation’s future. We would include in M&S mission statement the importance of high quality services in the delivery of goods and the commitment to change and evolve in order to remain in the market generating welfare to its stakeholders.

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