Opportunities to Identify Talent

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If a team had too many of one particular role than the effect and impact of this on the overall performance would be awful because you would have a lot of team members who could do a similar job to one another and so the level of productivity would decrease as they would have similar ideas to one another. Another problem with this could be that the team members would lose respect for one another because, as I mentioned earlier, each member of the team gains respect for one another because they have the skills to do something that they themselves cannot do. So if they all have similar skills than they would lose respect for one another which would mean that the team would perform as well as they should.

Another problem with this is that if, for example, you had a lot of members who Belbin described as ‘plants’ and no-one who was an ‘implementer’ than there would be no reason for the team to exist as the aims of the team wouldn’t be achieved because of the lack of the ‘implementer’, who turns the ‘plants’ creative ideas into practical actions. Opportunities to Identify Talent One of the great things about Arsenal Football Club is that they allow the team members to freely express their talents. One great example of this would be the fact that The Manager, Arsene Wenger, has a fabulous scouting network which goes all around the world looking for the best talents.

Once they recruit player into the youth team then they have them train with other player who they feel are of similar level as one another, this gives them a feeling that they are all equal which rises their confidence. They constantly put youth players, who have developed enough, into the first team and turn them into world-class players. A few examples of this would be: Cesc Fabregas, bought in from Barcelona youth academy at the age of 16 and is now a regular at Arsenal Football Club as well as being the youngest ever scorer for the club.

Thierry Henry, bought from Juventus at the age of 21 when he wasn’t being given enough playing time, moved him to the striker position and is now the club’s all-time top scorer. Theo Walcott, bought from Southampton at the age of 16 for �5 million, and is now in the full England international team. The way the club explore a players talents is mainly though training sessions. Another way they explore talent is by using the team members in positions that they aren’t used to, for example using Theo Walcott who is a striker as a right winger to see what his attacking attributes are like.

Implementing change There are many problems in trying to force change within a team. In doing this some of the team members might feel less values as they might have less or more to do, than the other members, than they had before. A team can influence change in both a positive way and a negative way. The positives could be that: A team is much more creative than individuals because a team takes the skills from each member of the team and puts it together to increase the efficiency. The good thing about having a team is that the different roles can help certain members focus because of an authority figure giving them orders.

My chosen organisation has to make a lot of considerations when recruiting new team members. The main consideration would be are they worth their value; because Arsenal Football Club is part of the Football Association, they have to abide to rules which are set out to make the game as fair as possible. So when Arsenal Football Club needs to recruit team members from other organisations, they have to either pay a compensation fee or a transfer fee (which can be rejected).

Another consideration they have to take is will the new team member be able to give the team something which they don’t already have. This is very important because if they have enough strikers, for example, then there is no need to go out and buy another one because it would just be a waste of money. The only reason that doing this could be justified is the age factor, this is when Arsenal Football Club buys new team members because they will be challenging the current team members in a few years or the fact that they will be put into the reserves or youth academies.

The most important factor that they must see is whether the new team member will have the correct characteristics. This has been shown in the past as Arsenal Football Club have released very good players with a lot of potential because they did not have the correct attitude; a good example of this is David Bentley’s transfer to Blackburn F.C. and of course Ashley Cole’s transfer to bitter rivals Chelsea F.C. One of the most important facts about Arsenal Football Club is that they always build towards the future. Currently Arsenal Football Club have 27 ‘first team’ players and 29 ‘reserve team’ players, so this shows the hard work that Arsenal Football Club have put in to ensure the long term future of the club.

Tuckman’s Theory Bruce Tuckman published a five stage theory in which it explains team development and behaviour. His theory explains that as the team develops maturity and ability, relationships establish, and the leader changes leadership style. It begins with a directing style, moving through coaching, then participating and finishing delegating and almost detached. At this stage the team will name a successor to the previous leader, who will now go on and develop a new team. The final stage is the breakup of the group, usually when the task is completed successfully.

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