Operations Department

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The operations department supports business movement, with help from aims and objectives. In this case the aim is to keep the technology up to standard, and this also applies to the news. It is the people working in the department’s responsibility to make the Monday morning calls, and to get the information which is needed. One of Richer Sounds aims are ‘Review what we do to make it better’. This aim is supported, because when the information is given to all the managers at Richer Sounds, they will know what to improve on, and will know what exactly went wrong.

The operations department supports Richer Sounds aims and objectives, the operations department, keep a record of performance and progress of each richer sounds branch, they are able to compare and analyse the financial state of the branch and also how well trained the staff are, they can examine the customer service department etc. and compare them with other branches. This will result in the branch improving and will meet the standards of say a much bigger branch in the city as the people of richer sounds would like all the branches of equal quality.

The operations department is responsible for producing goods and services by making the best use of the resources e. g. people and equipment. in a business the operations manager is responsible for making sure that all activities run smoothly. How the Finance, Marketing ; Sales and operations department work together to support the overall business activity One situation that is processed through all three departments is to support the overall business activity. In this case, the situation is the price of the product. All the departments have certain queries they have to meet to prevent going into debt or any other awkward situation.

Here is an example that can be forged from the situation: If a company is making a jacket, the operations department will need to get all the resources so they will need thread zips and fastenings. They will then confront the finance department on how much money it is all going to cost and if the money that they are looking to spend is within reason. After the jacket is manufactured the operations department will have to contact the marketing ; sales department to discuss the product and its price and also where it would be best to advertise and finally how the product should be displayed in the shop itself.

In this section, I will have to suggest and validate changes or improved methods of communication Richer Sounds could use in the three ways mentioned earlier. They are: inside functional areas (in a department), between functional areas (between departments) and with organisations and people outside the business. Inside the functional areas of Richer Sounds the communication seems to be very good. The only other method I could suggest which has not be highlighted is having short staff meetings. For example: everyone working for the day could gather up in the morning before opening and set any tasks out.

This way, the work is shared evenly and any member of staff absent can be easily covered by either the staff already working that day or another employee could be called in especially if needed. Another advantage of having these meetings is that the work done can be done effectively because employees are already told what to do and how to do it. It saves a lot of time when it comes to running about because no-one knows what they are doing. The communication between the functional areas of Richer Sounds also maintains a high level of integrity.

All the aspects seem to be covered but under this branch, the communication between employees is not mentioned. I believe it is important for members of any staff to get along, this could mean that staff can create friendship between themselves so that as a result, work can be done effectively. Employees can talk to one another whilst working, ensuring the work is done and a friendly atmosphere is upheld and because employees work in different sectors, the advantage of getting along well will be useful.

For example, an employee in the Marketing department has misplaced some vital information which was handed down by the Finance department. If these two departments (employees) did not get along, there would be an argument and the information that was once given could possibly be not given again. On the other hand, Marketing department have misplaced something and ask their fellow employees in the Finance department, with whom they are friendly with, for another copy there will be less danger of interrogation and information can be easily given again.

Communication with organisations and people outside Richer Sounds is kept standard. Phone calls are made to suppliers and advertisement is spread to customers. The basic methods of communication that can be used are put into action. However, if a more complex method was to be used, it could be via mobile phones instead of landlines. SMS text messaging could be sent from area to area for either the suppliers’ knowledge or for customers who have signed up to be updated with anything happening at Richer Sounds.

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