Operation Management

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“Operations Management is the management of the conversion of inputs into outputs” (Des, D. 2007). Primarily, it deals with the production and services of goods such as food, holiday package, healthcare, education etc…. as well as dealing their transformation process for instance the set of value added activities that convert inputs into many outputs. Operations Management is an integrated and essential part of our daily lives and would have an impact on the way we are doing things.

Operations Management is the term used for activities which produce and deliver products and services. The commitment of operations management in to our daily actions is emphasized in the following quotation: “Operation Management is about the way organizations produce goods and services. Everything you wear, eat, sit on, use read or knock about on the sports field comes to you courtesy of the operations managers who organized its production. Every book you borrow from the library, every service you receive at the hospital, every service you expect from the shop and any lecture you attend at university – all have been produced”. (Slack & al 1995)

Operations are process of transformation that converts a set of resources (Inputs) into services or goods (outputs). These resources could be raw material, information or the client itself. These resources are transformed into final goods or services by the way of other ‘transforming’ resources – facilities and staff of the operation.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, companies use operations management to not only keep pace with the competition, but also to ensure that there goals are met at a cheapest cost. This will consist of a set of planned activities that would convert various inputs into goods and services. Centrepoint a homelessness charity where I work as an Administrator is no exception and come to depend upon these activities on which its past schemes were based to be the driving force of its future policies. The organisation’s operations management encompasses all the different processes and techniques to enhance the worth of services we provide to young homeless people, this in order to fulfil the requirements of both our customers and partners, at an acceptable cost.

This report will be looking at the operations surrounding supported housing service that centrepoint supplies to young homeless people. It analyses the move on to permanent accommodation process and measures in to which the operations functions support the organisation’s strategy on the topic. It also draws up recommendations for future betterments of this service.


Definition and Contextualisation of Operation Management Centrepoint is the leading charity that helps homeless and socially excluded young people rebuild their lives. Young homeless people are at the centre of this organisation existence. The organisation was firstly created in 1969 to tackle homelessness. The aim of this charity is to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of youth homelessness and social exclusion, this by conducting research and, examining policies and offering practical solutions with provision of a safe home, creating firm foundations by responding to young people in all spheres of their lives should it be practical, personal, social, educational and work; we do this through unique combination of direct service delivery, policy research and external influencing work and the facilitation of local partnerships that develop and disseminate best practice.

Our direct service delivery work is focused on 16-25 years olds, mostly in London but also in parts of the Midlands and North East. Centrepoint is the UK’s leading source of knowledge, command and policy improvement on youth homelessness. Our policy, research and external influencing is focused on action, especially at national level, to seek practical changes to public policies with the aim of reducing homelessness and enhancing the life chances of young people.

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