Online vs Traditional Education

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With the increase in use of the Internet, more people are online to make purchases, research information and now gain an online education. Online education is on the rise. People are choosing to get an online education more so now because people are busier than ever and more jobs are requiring a college education. Also with these larger companies closing and laying off employees, people who once had a job are now faced with the challenge of looking for a new jobs-sometimes with no skills to offer a new employer. There are more people who have waited until later in life to get their degree in order to get a job or advance on the current job.

Online education battles with traditional education on every level every day. Most traditional education campuses experience an online component that enhances a program that involves being on the internet while challenging up-coming online schools. Online education encourages a person to explore the classrooms while online doing the same at your fingertips in the comfort of your home. Even though they are both ways of learning, online education is becoming more popular than traditional education because you can work at your own pace and learning online is more convenient.

There are many ways of learning, especially online; however, students use different methods of learning such as visual, lecture, and hands on learning. Many of the facilitation skills for the online venue are suited for face-to-face dialogue as well. The more an individual knows about their method of learning and what it takes to take classes online the more successful they will become. Learning online helps a student learn at their own pace rather than sitting in a classroom not understanding what the teacher is teaching.

Taking courses online allows the student the flexibility to work around the time it’s convenient for them. Flexibility is a key source of getting a higher education. People who choose to learn traditionally have to sit through lectures with as many as 50 other students. Some students may not be able to keep up and understand course material and assignments in a traditional setting. Classroom policies online and a traditional setting may have some similarities and differences. Online class policies allow an individual to ubmit work on specific days of the week and which forums to use. Meanwhile, in a traditional setting there is a chance for assignments to be submitted the next class meeting.

Most local campuses meet at least two to four hours a day for maybe three days a week. This uses gas for me to drive across town to meet for a few hours a day. Also students have to physically attend the local campus class which is mandatory to receive credit. Online gives me ample time to post assignments on time, how to participate for attendance, and how the facilitator will use the grading scale.

For an example, I allow myself to make sure I understand my courses online and take care of my children at the same time. I believe going to school online is much better than traditional education because it is flexible, I can multitask and still get many things done while studying. Each classroom has a different policy that needs to be addressed. Whereas online has basically the same policy. Communication is the most important element for passing information along correctly and makes good relationships with the facilitator.

Online students are able to have a one-on-one discussion with the instructor in a forum that no one else can read or hear. This allows a student to ask questions that they might be otherwise embarrassed to ask in an open classroom. On campus, people get to meet face-to-face therefore students and teachers will be able to read one another’s body language. Online students are able to express themselves and formulate arguments rather than debating a topic. Last, in some traditional classrooms, some individuals worry about anxiety based on others age, race, and beliefs.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress of dealing with overwhelming situations. Many people feel distressed or uptight from time to time when faced with a problem at school, in life, or just making important decisions. This anxiety is what you call social phobia. Phobias are the single largest disorder of all anxiety cases of phobic disorders. Anxiety disorders involve fierce worry and self-consciousness about everyday social livings. They often worry about fear of being judged by others or behaving in a way that might cause embarrassment or lead to ridicule such as harm.

An online education stops all phobias and disorders for those that have these health issues. Online provides a cost savings for students because they do not have to spend the gas to attend a college. There may not be a suitable college in proximity so by taking online classes you save money by buying less gas. Also online classes will save the mileage and damage on your vehicle. If the college is a long distance away there will be more miles put on your vehicle, need to keep up better maintenance and more frequent oil changes.

What I am saying it cost less to take online courses than it does to go to a junior college or university. I am what I call distant learning because I live in Texas and attending a university in Arizona. I can do everything a student does that attends traditional college from home, work, or on the go mobility. By offering online courses, I do not have to worry about eliminating expenses such as room and board, utilities, the most expensive books and cafeteria food. There are so many different expenses that do not concern an individual if they take online courses.

Although many people are divided on which way they want to be educated, online learning is overpowering traditional education because it more convenient to the needs of the student. Online education is better than traditional education to me because it is more than likely to become more popular than traditional and more students will prefer to learn from home. With the increase use of the Internet, online education can continue to rise. Both ways of learning are very important but I believe that having an online education is better because you save and it is very convenient.

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