Online Classes: Education for One Education for All

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“I am a single mother at home, and I need an education,” “I want a better education, but I just don’t have time. ” This is what you hear when you watch commercials about online classes. People cry out for their desire to have a better education, but can never seem to achieve such a thing. Some people do not have the convenience of being able to go to classes on campus and getting everything they need done. The reason for this is because in today’s economy many people have to put their involvement with education on hold.

Jobs become more important than schooling; but it seems sometimes we forget that if we did have that education we can have a better job leading to a better future. Granted taking online class and getting an online degree can hinder the hands-on experience and the social skills of a person, but for some it can be a better alternative. Whether the class is in a classroom or online the same person is taking it putting them in different environments is not going to change anything; what truly matters is the comprehension of the classes they are taking.

One can question online classes for many reasons. One reason is that cheating is easier to do if you take the class on your own time as opposed to taking it on the campus, but if a person does get people to do their work when they are taking their online class they are not hindering anyone but themselves. This reason is true, but what about the cheating that goes on each and every day in college. In college a teacher leaves the room when students are doing their work because they feel their students have enough integrity and sense to not cheat; that does not mean it does not happen.

Some people oppose online classes because they feel the quality of education online is lacking in comparison to education given on campus. When you are in a class on campus you have the opportunity to ask the professors questions, interact with your peers, be exposed to the college atmosphere. This is a great thing for everyone to experience, but for some that is out of the picture. Time is something that we cannot spare which is why for some online classes and obtaining an online degree can accommodate to their schedule.

There are many different kinds of people this could help: single mothers, hospitalized people, full time workers and many others. The convenience of the class can be helpful for many. For instance in my English 10-10 class you are only allowed six absences before you automatically fail; which means it would be best to not miss any days at all. For this reason, online classes are more convenient for those who would probably be missing a lot of days. As time goes on, we are becoming a more technology based world; we communicate by social networking, emails, instant messaging and texting.

We do socialize with one another but not face to face as often as we would like to. So for the people who argue against online degrees fail to realize our world is being engulfed by technology. Those people that get their degree online or take online classes are one step ahead because you are not going to have a teacher there when you do not understand what your boss expresses to you in an email. Online degrees offer a person discipline, the ability to work independently, and organizational skills.

A mother can try and get her MBA degree by online learning because of the flexibility it offers her busy schedule; this is a great opportunity for her, but if this opportunity was taken from her she probably couldn’t get her degree otherwise. If a person is dedicated enough to take classes in the little spare time they have to get their degrees they should be able to do so. If we hold that chance away from them they might not even try at all. Some people who are taking online classes eventually do take some courses at their local college.

It is preferred for certain degrees that you take in class to get hands on experience; but if you think about it that person that did not have a hands on experience can be ten times better at what they do than someone that went and took the classes on campus. We cannot judge the work ethics of others by looking at if they took classes on the campus or online because if that was the case we would shun people for the college they went to. Education is education it does not matter how you slice it; 2+2 will always equal four no matter how you are taught to get that answer.

If we question the quality of online learning we should also remember to question the quality of high school education or other colleges because every class and every school varies. Online learning is a great way to promote that the opportunity to have a better education at your fingertips. They are a way of showing that America is truly the place for a dreamer whether their dream is to be a star or to be a nurse practitioner; it requires them to take the first step and that is exactly what online degrees provide.

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