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In this task I am going to describe the internet and the business activities used online such as the online auctions, banking online, internet chatrooms, gambling online, job searches and last minute services. I am also going to look at a business which has an active website and explore its features. The internet is the worldwide, public accessible network of computer networks that transmit data using the standard Internet Protocol (IP). The World Wide Web (www) joins computers together so any one computer can gain access to information made available on other computers elsewhere in the world.

Online business is a rapidly developing feature of business activity. Business online covers the business activities used online and the e-commerce. E-commerce is the way of buying and selling online. The online auctions are used to buying and selling goods. The seller describes the item being sold, buyers bid a price to buy it and the highest bidder acquires the goods. The online auctions are becoming more popular than the traditional auctions. Nowadays, the Californian auction site eBay is the most well known, with a market share of over 85 per cent.

To access to online auctions, people need to register and have a credit card. Online auctions offer advantages such as access to customers worldwide, free account setup, sales completed quickly and efficiently and payments accepted from international buyers. There are also disadvantages associated with online auctions. The principal disadvantages are: some fraudulent members, competition from others websites, sometimes we don’t receive the delivery and we can not see the product, only the picture.

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