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With phones and directly, but nowadays people have different communicating ways. Like: Phones, e-mail, instant messaging and web blog. E-MAIL E-mail is a letter that you can send to many people, anytime without paying on the internet. To send e-mail, you can use sites such as, yahoo and hotmail. For sending e-mail, you need to create an account either to yahoo or to hotmail. Creating an account is free and fast. After you have opened an account, you sign in and write a message to anyone you want. Then you just click send and the message will be send immediately and the person who you have sent the message can read it right away.

To do this one, you need to know your friends e-mail address. E-mailing is quicker, easier and it doesn’t cost you anything. E-mail also has disadvantages. You can get e-mail from someone who you don’t know and your computer can get different types of viruses. It also takes time to get the reply for the message. NEWSGROUPS Newsgroup is collection of messages about a particular topic that are posted to a news server by members. There are thousands of newsgroups covering a huge range of subjects. People use newsgroups to share ideas or interesting information about the topic.

Anyone can setup a newsgroup and anyone can write their own opinions to newsgroup. You don’t necessarily have to use your own name, when you write. In every newsgroup they have a little bow in down where you write your opinions or your ideas. When you press send, the text, what you wrote is able to everyone to see. Advantages are that you can share your own opinions and ideas with other people, who might agree with you. The disadvantages are that someone can write something not good about your topic or can write something about your own opinions. ONLINE


Online conferencing is a system, where groups of people can set up meeting on the internet. You can send text, video or voice messages. Conference can be held online with participants talking and working together at the same time. Offline messages are also possible, where you leave messages for each other to read when they want to. It is possible to show a presentation on one computer and the presenter can be heard by all the other people, who are logged in. The advantages are that you don’t have to travel to hold presentations and you can save money. And also you can employ workers from other countries.

The disadvantages are that if in your country it morning in other country it might be midnight, so time differences are one disadvantage for online conferencing. INSTANT MESSAGING Instant message is one way of communicating. Instant message is popular word wide known communicating way. You need to download one of the instant messaging programs to instant message. After you have registered into program you can start messaging with your friends. Instant messaging is kind of sending messages as a e- Mail and having live conversations with other online friends.

Instant messaging is more fun than sending an e-mail and waiting for it. In instant messaging you don’t have to wait as long as in e-mail. It is also cheaper than phone calls, especially long distance phone calls. What you need to instant message? You don’t need any special skills to instant message. All you need is computer and downloaded program. Registering to this program is easy and doesn’t cost anything. After you have registered into program you can start instant messaging. You can add your all friends to your messenger and make new friends. http://www. bbc. co. uk/webwise/askbruce/articles/chat/instantmessage_1. shtml

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