Objectives of the System

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Inputs, Process and Output Required -Inputs are what information goes into the system. -Processes are what are done with the information. -Outputs are what comes out of the system. Input Process Output Member asking to update their information with new information. User then enters new information e. g. address User editing an existing member’s information with the new information. New customer information is available on database and any documents that need to be sent will be sent to the new address. Input Process Output New customer wants to register, they give details and photo card. User enters new member’s information into the database.

New member’s information is added into database and their activities can be monitored and booked. Input Process Output Member asks to book a particular session at a date. User then checks availability and sessions. User books a session for the Member at their wanted date and time. Activity is booked and member is given confirmation. Activity is booked in activity database. Input Process Output Member wants to extend/renew their membership for longer. User then checks for customer information. User renews an existing membership for an extended period. Member gets their membership updated. Software Applications Used

If the system wanted to send a mail merged letter it would have been created using a word processing application such as Microsoft Word and a database creator such as Microsoft Access. This is more suitable than just using Microsoft word as merging a database, with all the member’s information, and will save time as you will not have to type each member’s information out manually. This is better than spreadsheets as it offers a wider range of facilities and options to the user. For newsletters and other posters, a desktop publishing application would have been used such as Microsoft publisher.

They can use various templates which make it easier to design the poster or newsletter. For letters, reports and other general information a simple letter would have been used. The Sports centre may have had a pre-made template which would have contained header/footer containing their information and their logo. All they would have had to do was enter the information. This would have been done using word processing, such as Microsoft Word as it is easier to enter the information and since letters are mainly formal statements Microsoft words’ template would make it easier to create.

Objectives of the System

The system should be able to create mail merged letters containing all customer information. The system should be able to store and show customer information. The system should be able to create new customer information and sort them out alphabetically. The user should be able to see each member’s information and their history. The system should be able to log each member’s activities and the classes they take. The system should have security. The system should be able to add new class details and check for activity times. The system should be able to edit customer information and apply it to the database.

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