Obesity and Health Care Providers

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Market research: investigating into the overall adult overweight situation in U. S. fand overweight population and consumers’ perception of the currently existed weight-loss drugs. Analyzing differential advantages: CSP should recognize the Metabical’s competitive factors first. Metabical is the first prescription drug approved by FDA and has less negative side effect and can magically loss weight. Recognizing target consumers: the target consumers are overweight individuals with a BMI of 25-30 who want to live healthier and health care providers who would be prescribing Metabical.

Analyzing the main concern of target consumers: for direct consumers, their want to lose weight to feel better and live longer. For health care provider, their key concern is that the patients would regain weight after they stop taking the pills. Making a solution to consumers’ concerns: creating a comprehensive support program to complement the metabical pill so as to enable individuals to achieve better results than they would from the pill alone. Marketing communications strategy: better allocating and combining promotional mix – advertising, promotion, public relations and sales force.

Ultimate consumers and health care providers are involved in the process. Because ultimate consumers and health care providers are the target market. CSP should consider their concerns about new weight-loss drugs and provide solutions to solve the problems. What’s more, CSP should make marketing communications strategy to get target consumers’ awareness, to elicit their interest, to arouse their desire for the product and finally result action. CSP should apply different marketing communications strategy to different targets.

The segmentation of potential Metabical consumer is based on psychograph. People who want to look like a movie star have low self-esteem and unrealistic expectations. People in this segment rely mostly on the weight-loss drugs so that their expectations are hard to be served. People who want to lose weight, but only if it is easy do not want to be deprived f indulgences and not interested in changing diet and exercise habits which would weaken the effectiveness of Metabial. People who are fine with the way they are are not interested in changing their current behavior. Educational level is an essential factor for Printup to think about in that people who have low education level become mostly prone to obesity, and education level of people tend to reflect their understanding and awareness about healthy life and body image. People of relatively high education level are more knowledge about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Since reasonable diet and exercise regimen are complementary to each other, educational level of people plays an important role in affecting the effectiveness of Metabical, thus, it deserves high consideration. Secondly, people who have low income level do not have full understanding about nutrition. In contrast, people in high income level have more education and their perception on food and nutrition is better that those in low level. More importantly, people in high level of income have a good buying power to purchase drugs related to control weight. Thirdly, age of a consumer should also be taken into consideration.

Consumers who are at 18-30 are likely to have an irregular eating and exercise habits than people at 35-65. The former more indulges herself due to her young age. What’s more, age is another factor that would affect one’s purchasing power. Last but not the least, consumers’ goals have much to do with the effectiveness of Metabical. For instance, people with a goal of being healthier are more consistent to take pills regularly, refill prescriptions and supplement the drug with a reasonable diet and exercise regimen than people who just want to wear clothes.

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