Nursing Career

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As I began analyzing what does a career mean to me the first thing that comes to heart is a professional. Wikipedia dictionary (2013) describes “ Nursing as a profession within the health sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality-of-life”.

The American Nurses Association (2012), “states nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations”. Since nurses are upheld to professional standards and are accountable by law it brings high importance to my career. As a professional I am accountable for providing quality care, maintaining and continuing my education.

Wikipedia (2013) states, “The profession combines physical science, social science, nursing theory, and technology in caring for those individuals”. Furthermore, Nurses have to follow a code of ethics and have to work under established practice guidelines and is we do not abide by these standard we may be in jeopardy of having our license revoked. According to Hunt (2005), “by comparing and collecting data about patients the nurse can arrive at the appropriate diagnosis for the client using nursing diagnosis”. (p. 216).

By using the Nursing Process this allows nurses to provide a standard of care, which enables the nurse to use critical thinking to observe and treat their patients. This keeps nurses accountable and responsible for his or her patients. When compared to other professions nursing play many roles in assisting patients in obtaining positive health outcomes. What I also like about nursing is that it allows me to play different roles from a patient advocate, to a friend, to a professional, or even as a counselor. This keeps my nursing career at a professional level, which challenges me on a daily basis.

This paper will emphasize what a nursing career means to me, ethics in nursing, the motivation to remain in this profession, and how obtaining a higher degree will impact my future within Nursing. It was nice to see that the comparison of my nursing practice to that of the ICN code of ethics, it was pleasant to discover that the ICN code of ethics are the same as my personal approach to taking care of my patients. The ICN code of ethics has four fundamental responsibilities including promoting health, disease prevention, to restore health, and to alleviate suffering. ICN, 2012, para. 2)

Well maintaining the four fundamental responsibilities the nurse is responsible to respecting patient’s right including the right to live, the right to have dignity and the right to be treated with respect. Nursing care should not be biased based on color, creed, culture, disability, politics, or even social status. The care that I provide my patients is culturally sensitive and supports them as a whole, taking in account their customs, spiritual beliefs and practices.

On a yearly bases I take culturally sensitive courses, which is mandated by my employer that shows research on continual learning and competency in the practice of ethics. In addition, to above fostering a work environment that is based on trust with the patients is crucial to the ethical practices. It is important in my practice that my patients and their families are aware that specific information will only be told to whomever they wish to be a part of with their care. Key elements that motivate me in continuing my career in Nursing are being able to work in an autonomous working environment in the ICU.

This allows for me to apply my judgment and use my critically thinking skills for positive patient outcomes. This area has room for growth if you are a type of person that strives for excellence nursing care. I have the ability to use my skills and judgment to promote health and help with suffering. Another key factor that motivates me in my career is the satisfaction I get when I’m able to help someone is distress. That will always supersede a paycheck of any sort. It’s that hug or thank you that you receive from a patient or a family member that you receive when you have done your best and no one else notices.

In addition to caring for patients and making a difference in people’s lives in my career, the area for growth is an opportunity that not too many fields have. Nursing presents many vast opportunities for growth and education, with flexible schedules and different promotion opportunities. With the manifold responsibilities of being a nurse, the nursing career can prepare you for any other type of job or an extended career, because nurses play so many different roles in so many vast positions.

By obtaining a Bachelors degree in nursing this will enable me to take a closer step to opportunities of promotion and to open new doors for future possibilities. My short-term goal of obtaining my degree will allow for me to become a trainer on the current unit and allow for me to be on teaching committees within the work place. Many opportunities have been started with Nurses taking initiatives for change and recently my job just opened a stroke coordinator position for a nurse that started to go back to school for her degree.

This has allowed for her to be in a management position and also focus on areas that she loves. The opportunities are endless for short-term possibilities. As far as long term career goals, I know that obtaining my degree will allow for me to pursue my future endeavors of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, preferably in critical care. The impact that it will make will allow for other doors to open and for prerequisites to be met. This is a start of a long journey for me, but I feel confident that these classed are preparing me for what is ahead.

In conclusion, a nursing career is a profession, that allows for you to use ethical standards to provide care. This career motivates nurses to be best that they can for their patients. It has areas of growth and challenges with endless opportunities for development. Motivation comes from all the many incentives that this career has to offer. Lastly, once a nurse advances his or her self in nursing with an advanced degree, the opportunities are endless. Obtaining a higher degree will help achieve my short and long term goals and help with my future endeavors as a nurse.

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