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Our brief was to create an advert entirely out of stills for a number of products targeting teenagers of both genders in a non-sexist manner. I was in group five and my group members were Rajiv, Alex Gault and Tural. We decided to advertise an energy drink with the same brand name as the product, and it would have a few products of its type in competition such as Lucozade, Red Bull and other energy drinks. We had to target teenagers; this usually means 12/13-18/19 years old. To prepare for this project I watched a number of relevant TV adverts and took notes which may help me with creating my advert.

At first I watched many adverts of mobile phones and the main trend in the adverts I saw (not just mobile adverts but others as well) was that they all show off their product’s ‘flash’ or modern features. E. g. The Vodafone advert features David Beckham and it shows off the camera feature and another ad shows off the gaming system. Another trend is they nearly always use the product during the advertisement. Our initial ideas were to make something very weird and something that would stick out and be recognised by teenagers. So we first thought of using a fire/flame theme; e. g. having our drink surrounded by a circle of fire.

But for practical reasons we chose to drop the idea. We also considered football but we chose not to use football because many other adverts use football. So we thought of Basketball and as this isn’t commonly found in adverts we thought more about this idea and this is what our final idea was based around. We used a digital camera and shot a number of still but we mostly stuck to close-up shots as we needed to stick to the movement and the real action of the play. We did consider framing in shots like the one of the ball going through the hoop (we stood under the hoop to get the shot).

We used an over shoulder perspective in several shots so you feel like you are in action. An example of this is when Alex is challenged by Rajiv in the beginning of the advert. We tried to balance most of our shots in the way of its composition. When we edited we reconsidered the order in which the shots will run in the advert. We used quite subtle transitions so it doesn’t look over the top. We used filter of colours and changed the contrast and brightness on many pictures, sometimes because they were too dark and sometimes to make them look surreal and bring our ad out of reality so it stands out.

We used two soundtracks and we faded them together so it doesn’t have a pause we subtly faded them together. Our voice over was placed at the end of the advert, and it was played while the second track was being faded out so you pay attention to the voice over. Analysis: This is an advertisement for an energy drink with a simple story, and we decided to do this using a fast and up beat style. > Camera Work We used many angles and views such as over the shoulder or just simply side on or direct. We framed some shots in a way so we only get what’s important. E. g. Only the ball and the hoop.

The location provides a feel of everyday life as this is targeting teenagers with normal lives, but later in the ad we try and pull away from reality. The models represent a street style theme which the location backs up. The codes of dress and gesture also do the same. The actors are wearing simple/plain but street style clothes like teenagers may do. Some pictures show a serious facial expression for tension. This is found when Alex misses the shot before he has the drink. But some show a happy facial expression that shows they are having some fun in the game. ; Editing Techniques

We chose two fast and up beat hip-hop soundtracks that we thought would work well with the whole brand identity and theme we were looking for. We have a range of ways in which the pictures follow the music. In the beginning the pictures go to the first two beats of the music, and the first soundtrack we used was slow compared to the second one because at first we are showing that Alex isn’t playing very well. So our transitions were quite slow ones that gave it energy less feel. We used a ‘cross dissolve’ transition a number of times as it jus flows well and you can chose its speed.

The second soundtrack is a very fast one, therefore we changed images quicker to give an energetic feel, and we used less transition than the start. And here we didn’t make the photos go with the music as much as we decided to have the pictures thrown at the audience to show the energy drinks affect. At the end when we had the voice over to anchor the product we used a transition that broke the last shot into pieces and this was intended to bring the advert to an end. ; Style There is no text or any real anchorage until the end of the advert when the voice over comes in, and the voice over says what the text on the last shot says.

“Rush; a burst of adrenaline” this is our slogan and this is said and shown in text in the last few seconds. But during the middle of the advert when Alex has the drink, the audience is shown a number of close-up shots of the drink, and this will probably tell you that it’s an advert of a drink. The text we used has a scruffy font that goes with the street look. Our label also makes our bottle stand out from regular as the colour of the label and the colour of the drink are very different. The colours vary during the advert to suggest a range of moods.

The sound affects also add to the feel of the audience in the action. E. g. The sound of the ball hitting the backboard when a shot is missed, gives a feel of being there. The language is just a slogan, but our slogan uses connected words that link the product’s name to the slogan; rush and adrenaline have a chain link to each other. We have chosen a house style of young street basketball, youngsters with lots of energy just having fun in a local park. ; Targeting The Audience We haven’t really used main stream music that could be related to popular culture, simply because main stream music would not go with our advert.

The branding basically says that it gives you a burst of energy (adrenaline used in our slogan), and it helps you physically, when it comes to sports, e. g. Basketball. So our advert creates a desire of thirst and needing this drink when you play a sport. The image identity is a very teen and energetic one, where everything is fast and slightly unreal. The overall style of this advert is a fast youngsters appealing look. But this ad unfortunately fails to target girls, so this jus targets teenage boys. So we didn’t totally match our brief as we had to target boys and girls in a non-sexist manner.

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