Nuclear Power Corp unit in Rajasthan starts commercial production news

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Unit – 5 of the Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (RAPP) has commenced commercial operation with effect from 4 February, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) said today.

The unit has been synchronised to the northern grid on 22 December 2009, NPCIL said in a release, adding that the states in the northern electricity region will share the power generated at RAPS.

The operationalisation of RAPS-5 increases the installed nuclear power capacity at the NPCIL’s Rawatbhata site to 960 MW.

The 220-MW unit has been supplying infirm power to the grid since 22 December 2009, but from 4 February it has become commercial with 63 per cent capacity (at 140 MW), the release said.

The unit is fuelled with uranium imported from Russia and the unit’s power tariff will be comparable with other 17 operating units of NPCIL – below Rs3 per unit – NPCL sources said.

Unit – 6 (220 MW) of RAPP has also achieved first criticality on 23 January 2010 and is currently going through statuary tests in preparation for the first synchronisation and commencement of commercial operation, NPCIL said.

With the commissioning of RAPP Unit-5, the number of nuclear power reactors in commercial operation in the country has gone up to 18, while the total installed capacity now stands at 4340 MW, the release added.

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