Nokia, connecting people

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The background noises include the beeping of the scanner as objects go through, loudspeaker announcements and the “ding-dong” sounds that precede them, people around the airport chatting and gossiping and noises from departing and arriving aeroplanes outside. This all adds up to a realistic airport environment and the audience can really believe that the man is in a real airport with genuine holiday makers and business men on urgent overseas business. The young kind of deep male voice over fits in with the main character in the advert, as he sounds well educated, around the same age and speaks with the same confidence the mans body language suggests.

“Yes, you can have it all” is the first thing we hear the male voice over say. This phrase is a twist of a well-known saying, and suggests this phone opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The next part of the voice over is “In the Nokia 6600 phone, vision becomes reality” This implies that this phone is a step forward for technology and is the vision of the future. The last part of the voice over is the company’s well-known slogan and could have two meanings. “Nokia, connecting people” This could mean connecting socially and improving social connections and connecting people electronically with technology.

This advert is rather different to most, as the colours in the main part of the advert are dull greys and drab browns. Not very attractive! However, this lack of colour works in these parts, as most airports are dull, and there is nothing to distract the attention from the main points of the advert, such as the mans actions and the security guard’s reactions. The only main uses of colour is on the scanner screen, to enhance the image of the camera, the computer keyboard, the watch, alarm clock and other fancy, expensive equipment shown. This has the effect of really drawing in the audience’s attention to the curiosity of the situation. The turquoise, yellow, reds, blues and greens that are used really jump out after the dull greys and browns of the man’s suit and the guard’s uniform.

The other main use of colour is right at the end of the advert, when only the phone and Nokia slogan can be seen. The main area of the screen is white, but the writing is bright blue, and at the top and bottom of the screen is a blue or green strip. This image is a lot fresher compared to the dull, sludgy colours of the main advert. The sudden change is abrupt and unexpected, but the colours jump out and the phone looks desirable mounted on the fresh colours.

In my opinion, the Nokia 6600 advert is successful because the plot is almost realistic, the camera work is good, the sounds make the setting real, and the colours enhance and contrast. These points make this advert successful in making the phone desirable. The main messages about the product are that the functions are fun and make life easy. This advert is mainly aimed at young adults who wish to be like the man on the advert, but older teenagers might be attracted to the desirable functions. If I made this advert, I would not make many changes, but I would maybe direct the guards to mutter confusion quietly to each other in a different language. I think this advert should be shown from about 6pm until 11pm in the evening, as the target audience is a working person who earns enough money to afford this expensive phone. Throughout the day this target audience will be at work, but in the evening they will be relaxing in front of the telly.

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