Ninjutsu – The Secret Martial Art of Japan

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Ninjutsu is considered as one of the secretly preserved martial arts of Japan. Since its inception, very less documents are available to describe this form of martial art. It is believed that this art was created by the Koga region families and this form of martial has been passed from generation to generation. In Japan, the school which teaches Ninjutsu is known as Ryu and used to teach specific techniques and skills related to Ninjutsu. It is estimated that 70 different Ninjutsu Ryu existed at one time. However, with the decline in the skills of specific Ryu, their existence vanished.

The famous word Ninja is derived from Ninjutsu. These fighters were of the highest capability because they went through a stringent and demanding training curriculum of Ninjutsu and lived their life very secretly and away from public. It is believed that many Ninja fighters have passed and others who exist are bound to hide their identity. In the 1980, there was a time when Ninjutsu came in to the lime light in public for the first time in USA. The trend of the famous Ninja attire black gained popularity but this trend dispersed and there were few takers to learn Ninjutsu.

On a broader level, Ninjutsu is a collection of martial arts whereas each Ryu expresses it in its own views to portray this form of martial art. It is believed that the form of martial arts vary from various free styles like Re-direction and physical dynamics. It is a very lesser known fact that Ninjutsu is also taught to fight without arms and also taught aspects pf philosophy and strategy. The teachers known as dojos follow a strict and comprehensive form of Ninjutsu training. The core of Ninjutsu lies in taking always a position of advantage along with focusing on distance, posture and flow of action. It involves quick reaction and response to every moment in the combat fight to change the out come of the battle and gain momentum.

Ninjutsu teaches the fighter to use its complete body to provide the optimum power and perfection. In a nutshell, this secret and famous known form of martial arts is considered as one of the best technique to learn for self defense. A quality dojo is essentially required to teach all the skills and techniques to master this form of Martial arts from Japan.

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