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As you can see some TNC’s find factories on the other side of the world. Nike is a US based company with a factory all the way in China. Then this Nike gear is sold in other parts of the world like the UK. So if you think about it the next branded good you buy could have been linked to many various countries in a totally different continent to the one you live on. Arguments For and Against Globalisation There are many people in favour of globalisation with others totally disagreeing. There are many arguments for and against globalisation, including economic, social and environmental issues in both MEDCs and LEDCs.

Firstly, I will talk about Social arguments for globalization. Social Arguments For Globalisation Some people believe that due to globalisation there is far more mixing of people and cultures from all over the world, allowing more sharing of ideas, experiences, and lifestyles. People can try out clothes and other products not previously available in their countries. Some people also think that globalisation can help make people become aware of events in far away parts of the world. For example, people in the UK were quickly aware of the impact of the 2004 Tsunami on countries in SE Asia, and were therefore able to send help rapidly.

Now let’s look at the social arguments against globalisation. Social Arguments Against Globalisation Some people believe that globalisation is threatening the world’s cultural diversity by drowning out local economies, traditions and languages and re-casting the whole world in the mould of the capitalist North and West. For example a Hollywood film is far more likely to be successful worldwide than one made in India or China, which also have successful film industries. As well as that many people feel that their culture is being eroded thanks to baseball caps, jeans fast foods and TV.

In addition, some workers in many factories for TNCs have to endure abusive human rights. Due to globaliastion this is an everyday site of children eating McDonalds and wearing jeans After looking at the social arguments for and against globalsiation let’s look at the environmental arguments. There are no arguments supporting globalisation so lets look at the arguments against globalisation. Environmental Arguments For Globalisation According to a lot of people, especially environmentalists, many LEDCs don’t have strong laws to protect the environment so TNC’s can go there and ruin the place.

Some people think that TNCs also pollute the air and water with toxic chemicals, which will not be allowed back in their own home. As well as that some people believe that TNCs may damage the well-being of humans and other species. They do this by polluting drinking water supplies or poisoning plants or animals. Some people believe that factories where TNC goods are made in may interfere with natural processes by changing local climatic conditions or destroying wildlife habitats.

In addition, some believe that factories impact on people’s livelihoods. For example, pollution of the sea will hurt people who are involved in fishing and tourism. Industrial atmospheric pollution in Uzbekistan due to TNCs After talking about various different things, I will give you fashion fanatics by own personal opinion to help you make up your mind over buying and wearing branded goods. My Opinion There are many good points from both sides of the arguments over globalistion, TNCs and branded goods.

Though I personally support the fact that globalisation should continue to take place and that you guys should continue to buy branded goods. I think that there is nothing wrong with you guys enjoying yourself and buying whatever clothes you want, as the way branded goods are made is not your fault. However, I also believe that some changes should be made to make the world a better place. Firstly, I know that TNC’s all want to make profit and nothing much can be done to help that, though I believe that workers for TNCs should all be treated with the same amount of respects.

Even if they are in LEDCs or MEDCs all workers should be treated with respect. As well as that the wages should be higher so that workers in poorer countries could at least afford a lot more things that they do now. The wages can’t be increased too much as the TNC’s just want to make profits, but they should be increased so they can help workers have a better life. So overall, I believe that you youngsters should buy as much branded goods, as you like, as you have the right to. Though remember respect your friends, your family and your fashion.

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