New technology (Peacocks, McDonald’s)

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Workers need to update and change their work skills to keep pace with the new technology. How these trends are affecting Peacocks and Topgirl hairdressers salon Because of consumer demand affecting interest rates, both businesses will have a loss of customers. They will not have enough money to spend in the businesses. Competition between the businesses may either make both businesses to collapse or to grow.

Peacocks introduced retailing over the Internet and so this helps the business to target customers who cannot come to the shops. Hence receiving more profits. But since top girl hairdressers is a small business and not offering retailing as its main activity, it looses money from this great opportunity of selling hair products from the Internet. My business opening 24 hours a day and 7 days a weak is a good effect on them because they receive more customers most especially the full time workers. Its also helps the customers to have enough time to do their shopping.

Peacocks has steadily expanded and employing more staff. The opening of large shopping centres has affected the business by setting up in the shopping centre hence advertising its self. Both business offer part time and flexible work to its staff hence reducing the boredom and giving them time to do their other activities. This results to the staff providing good customer service and other people wanting to work for the business.

The new technologies have reduced the need to produce, record and store information on written letters and documents. In Peacocks information can now be held on computer reducing the need for storage space and paper use. Both Peacocks and Topgirl hairdressers can now respond to customer enquiries and orders much quicker. They can communicate with their suppliers quickly. As a result, customers and suppliers now expect speedy responses.

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Because McDonalds employs a good number of young people, this affects Topgirl hairdressers in a way that they will be receiving a good number of customers since young people always want to look good and keep on changing hair styles almost every two weeks. More people own a home computer and are signing up to Internet services. This has affected Peacocks in a way that people will get a chance to surf the company’s web site and know more about it and what it offers. This may attract more customers to visit the stores. But I don’t expect them to receive as many customers as they would have received if they had online shopping.

Security firms becoming more popular in the UK is good because it reduces losses in the retail outlets. Peacocks employs one security staff to watch out for the thieves. The main activities of Peacocks Peacocks is a value for money retailer of clothing, footwear and homeware. They aim to provide their customers with a product offer and a shopping environment fully comparable with main stream multiple retailers while matching or beating discount retailers on price.

The key to their success has been and continues to be: The strength of Peacocks’ brands, which are urban spirit, e-vie, street gear. Their brands are increasing more and more in sales and they are the ones, which promote sales revenue. Peacocks’ outstanding products, which are of good value to the customers hence promoting sales. Peacocks is a large store, which is designed to hold a variety of goods offered and enough space for customers to look around. The items are displayed in the order of style, type, age and colour.

Peacocks staff are well trained and motivated hence making a big contribution to promoting sales. When employing staff, Peacocks employs first at a temporary basis, then after three to four months, they will then judge weather the employee is suitable to remain on the job permanently or not. Peacocks’ mission is to become the most successful value for money clothing retailer in the country, offering great customer service in a friendly, family environment.

The Peacocks group stated that they will continue to pursue a strategy of rapid organic expansion, delivering solid growth by increasing the value and appeal of their products. They offer a wide range of products in order to attract customers and make sure they continuously come back to the store. It is a multiple retailer, which operates a wide range of stores, on a nationwide basis. Each store is identical so customers know what to expect. It is easily recognisable because it has the same image. Selling prices are competitive because bulk purchases mean cheaper prices. Because the store operates on a large scale, national advertising is possible. Peacocks is found in town centres and in out of town locations. All stores sell the same products but smaller stores may not sell some of the items Peacocks Company should offer for sale. All Peacocks stores in the UK look the same. The colour, the design, the products offered for sale, and the layout of the store.

Peacocks competes with Woolworth in prices. The store offers products on cheaper prices to attract customers from Woolworth to its self. How the business provides the service They also have tills where each of the customers approach to pay for the item he/she has selected. There is always a member of staff ready to serve the customer on each till. Each store has about 2 to 3 tills. This is to reduce the number of waiting customers.

So many customers are interested in their products and these contribute to the day to day running of the business. Without customers Peacocks would not be carrying out the retailing activity. They also need money to carry out the activity in order to pay for the expenses and be able to give customers change when need and pay the employees. They get the money from different sources for example from shareholders, and customers.

Advertising and promoting their products to get more market Because Peacocks operates on a large scale, they advertise on the Internet. Their website is They also have in store radio advert, which interrupts the radio entertainment to advertise and promote their products. An after sales service If a consumer is not satisfied with his/her purchase or have changed his mind, they ask them to simply return it to them, in its original condition with their receipt within 28 days for a full refund or exchange. If the consumer does not have his or her receipt, they will be happy to exchange his purchase with a Peacocks credit voucher to the value of the current selling price. This does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights

They provide customers with Application forms, which are available from the local stores. All the customer needs to do is simply complete the application form, return it to Style Financial Services as detailed in the application form and they could soon be using their Peacocks membership card in any of Peacocks’ stores.

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