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This would attract a lot of customers and business clientele to the hotel as it mostly offers top of the range equipment and facilities which a state-of-the-art conference should provide. The conference facilities provided by this hotel could be used for training days, courses and meetings, and for a wide range of other events such as social gatherings. A hotel that does not offer conference facilities and equipment is The Port Hotel Portrush.

This could affect the hotel’s success because they will not be generating profit from a conference centre as other hotels would. It will also lose the hotel a lot of business clientele and customers because if a well-equipped conference centre is available at another hotel the customer is more likely to use it, rather than stay at a hotel with no conference centre which would mean that they would have to travel to the conference, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Conclusion Based on recent internet research, it is evident that the hotels who provided the best conference facilities and equipment were the ones that attracted the most business to the hotel and therefore were more profitable and successful than hotels with no conference facilities. If The Seatown Hotel wants to be as profitable and successful as other hotels they need to provide a well equipped conference centre with top of the range facilities and equipment to better meet their clients’ needs.

Recommendations I recommend that The Seatown Hotel should invest in the following facilities and equipment to provide an excellent, hi-tech conference centre for its clients:The advantages for The Seatown Hotel of investing in these conference facilities and equipment are:

1. They would keep up to date with all the new technology. 2. They will make more profit from people using the conference centres for meetings, etc. 3. They will remain competitive with other hotels. 4. The conference centre will attract more people to the hotel, increasing its popularity and customer base. The disadvantages for The Seatown Hotel of not investing in these conference facilities and equipment are: 1. They will not be competitive with other hotels and this might result in The Seatown Hotel losing customers and eventually going out of business.

2. People will go to another hotel that has better facilities for hosting their conferences. 3. The hotel might not be as well known as other better equipped conference centres. 4. The hotel’s reputation and good image may be affected. 5. The hotel’s turnover will decrease if they do not invest in these facilities. A hotel that provides nearly all of the conference facilities listed above is the Best Western Hotel. This hotel has a well equipped conference centre and offers its clients:

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