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The colours used in the Peugeot 206 cc advert are dull apart from the colour of the car. This may be to focus on the product and not the rest of the advert. The colour of the car is red which could have a number of different meanings. The first ones that come to mind are love, anger, blood, power and energy. By researching further into this colour I have found many more colour symbolisms. In China the colour red symbolises prosperity and joy. This could indicate being joyful if you buy the car. Another aspect of this colour is life and vitality. By purchasing this car you could start a new life or add vitality to the one you have.

This could signify being happy and could symbolise a change. This denotes that you will be happier if you buy the car. Often people who drive red cars are bold and dynamic. It is often said about people that you can tell what kind of person they are by the car they drive. I’m not sure if this is true but the colour is correct. Because red is bold it often links in with power and energy, this could carry on suggesting if you have power and energy it is likely that it will boost your confidence.

From reading further into this colour I have also found that red also is associated with root Chakra that deals with life at the level of practicality. This then suggests that the car is practical and also desirable, as it is associated with love (red roses). Although these are the good points about the colour red there are some bad ones. Stop signs are which indicate danger. There is also fire and burning along with anger and temptation. This concluded back to the colour of the car and the slogan ‘What would you go through?’ If you were tempted enough would you go through something you feared.

The Smart Roadster is more eye-catching of the two adverts because of the light green background colour. When people think of green they think life, nature, growth, envy and maybe well being. There are many other meanings of this colour, one being balance. From research well-balanced people choose green. Green is usually a symbol of grass and nature. The colour meanings of green connect with those of plants and nature in which w are growing and learning everyday. When a plant is a bulb it will transform into a beautiful flower. This is what is said about people and which also corresponds to the advert.

By buying the Smart Roadster it may offer a change in lifestyle or growing and learning and finding yourself. The advertisement suggests if you buy the car you will transform into something better which implies feeling better and being in a better position. If you were in a different position, for example, at work, you would be earning more which takes us back to the advert and money, often associated with the colour green. Another symbol to this colour may be envy. If people are envious of the car then consumers will be jealous therefore making it more desirable.

On every advert there is usually a logo. This is so the advert is recognizable even if you haven’t seen the product. The logo used in Peugeot 206 cc advert is a blue square with a drawing of a lion. The slogans used in the adverts help the consumers in remembering the advert and product being sold. In the Peugeot 206 cc advert the slogan is ‘The drive of your life’. This suggests that if you buy the car, or any car from Peugeot you will get the drive of your life. The drive of your life implies you wont get any car that’s better in your whole life. The ‘your’ in the slogan indicates that the advert is talking to you only. The slogan may help us in identifying the audience in two ways. In the slogan ‘ The drive of your life’ it could be for older people suggesting they have driven many cars but this will be the best, yet if the audience was younger they are unlikely to have driven many cars therefore this car being the best one they are going to drive.

In the Smart Roadster advert the slogan is ‘ Open your mind’. This may mean open your mind to new ideas such as the new Smart Roadster. Many of the Smart cars are odd in appearance which many represent opening your mind not just to Smart cars, but to other cars which are unusual. This may link back to the colour of the advert green in which this colour symbolises learning, changing and growing. By opening our minds to the new species of car we have allowed ourselves to grow and change with the times. I think both the adverts are effective but I think the Smart Roadster slogan is more effective than the Peugeot slogan.

The Peugeot slogan doesn’t particular appeal to me but I don’t believe that a Peugeot car would be the drive of your life in which ever target audience you fit in to. The Smart Roadster slogan is keeping up with the time we are in and allowing us to open our minds to new ideas and products. As well as slogans, adverts use different styles of text to emphasize the important information or to highlight the slogan or title. In the Peugeot 206 cc advert the text that has been enlarged or pointed out e.g. the make of the car 206 cc, title ‘what would you go through? And the slogan ‘ the drive of your life’ has been increased in size slightly.

The purpose of enlarging the text for the title is so you see the picture then title and automatically know what they are selling and a technique used. If I wanted to buy the car and was interested in the advert I would read further. The logo has been enlarged so the reader knows what company is selling the product. The slogan is almost always enlarged to a degree so that we remember it therefore remembering the advert and the product.

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