My worst memory

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I remember my first proper relationship. This was with a girl called Michelle. She is the same age as myself. Michelle was from Hillingdon, and a long-term member of high society. I felt out of place whenever I went out to dinner with her family. I first met her through my friend Scott, in January 1999. We hit it off straight away. We had a lot in common. Michelle is one of those girls that are easy to talk to.

Michelle, our friends and myself would always go every Saturday night to Slough Ice Arena because there was nowhere else to go.

As time grew by, we had been acquaintances for some time. I really liked her and our friends were telling us about our feelings towards each other.

In May 1999 I finally had enough courage and determination to ask her out. I had never felt this way about any of the other girls that I had finished with. I sat Michelle down and told her my feelings for her. She told me that she had feelings for me as well and then there was one of those awkward silences for what seemed like hours. I broke the silence and popped the question. I felt so relieved.

As time grew by, we saw each other more than anything. I had the feeling that every other teenager gets when they are so close to someone special. I felt as if I loved her.

February came along and I had enough money to get a ticket for the F.A. Cup Final at Wembley. I told my friends that I would go even if Chelsea were not in it.

When it got to March I found out that Chelsea were in the Final. I could not believe it. I was finally going to see the boys play!

In May 2000 my girlfriend said that we should go out for a special dinner or night one weekend, so she made plans. Only after she had planned everything I found out that she wanted me to go out on the day of the F.A. Cup Final. I thought long and hard about this dilemma. I decided that Michelle was more important.

On that day I had the best time ever except for a man that kept harassing Michelle. The things that he was saying made me irate. I saw Michelle onto her bus and then went to go home. The man smacked his shoulder right into my chest and where I’m from you don’t take that. So I turned round and had words with him. He still would not shut-up so I hit him straight in the mouth. He kept quiet and I felt so much better afterwards.

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