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“Ghost” is but a common love story showing parting in front of life and death in terms of the frame of the plot. However, its development is placed in a unique edge between human and ghost created by the director’s deliberately creativity. It is defined as a ghost and fantasy love story amidst an intriguing backdrop of murder and revenge. The protagonists love deeply with each other, but the separating between two different worlds prevents them from meeting with each other. A series of suspense and rather fantastic plots is produced by the colors of ghosts.

I deeply immersed between the fantasy and reality, with momentary joy and transitory sadness, sometimes inspired by justice and sometimes moved by their faithful love. One of the two protagonists, Sam is a successful accountant earning the big bucks in the big city. He’s got a great job, a great apartment, a great fiancee to share it with, and an overall great life. Curled up in bed with his fiancee, another protagonist, Molly, Sam watches a news program stating that an airplane crashed and everyone aboard the aircraft died. Just imagine,” he says. “In an instant–just like that. ”

He is, of course, referring to the instantaneity of death, which in this movie implies the forthcoming loss of his life. The irony in the situation is that we all know the same thing is about to happen to him, and indeed it does, when Sam is shot dead in front of Molly by a mysterious stranger who runs off into the night. Sam dies immediately, and it takes us a few moments to realize this–since we continue to see him run after the killer. It’s then that it dawns on us: it’s his ghost.

On one side, there appears the light from the paradise. On the other side, Molly is deeply grieved, holding his bleeding body and looking him in her eyes. He is still unwilling to leave, turning into a ghost in human’s world, which separates them from two different worlds from then on. This is one of the scenes which touches me most in this movie. When one of the antagonists dies in a car crash and finds himself to be a ghost, my muscle is straining because I think that there will be an enemy who can see and can fight against him.

However, the ghost of this antagonist is pulled back by many shadows and disappears in the human’s world. Only when painful expression appears on the face of the ghost can I understand the fate of those evil men after their death, including Sam’s friends, Carl, who pulls the strings behind the murder. “Ghost” is a classic love story with the color of science fiction, which strongly impresses my heart. The protagonists are so natural that I couldn’t feel any artificial appearance and action. There exists the terror atmosphere of killing.

However, a series of funny scenes created by the psychic Oda have taken on in front of my eyes, turning out to be a comedy as well. It’s useless to delve any deeper into the plot, since it’s all pretty predictable. But in all honesty, it’s a fun ride getting to the end. This is a film that uses a tried-and-true formula of good vs. evil to achieve its goals. It’s as old as the days and as true as nothing. I do like the way “Ghost” uses its ideas of a ghost coming back to haunt his killer in a way different than most films, though.

This ghost’s intentions aren’t to scare away people in a haunted mansion, but rather to reach out and touch the woman he once loved, and then–finally–to keep her from harm by seeking revenge on the baddies who plotted against him. “Ghost” is a movie that puts me in a good mood every time I watch it, and a movie with an ending that makes my throat choke every time I see it. The ending really is perfect, and if the movie had resorted to a silly “I came back from the dead! ” bit, my high opinion of the film would surely be somewhat less enthusiastic than what it is today.

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