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After secondary school examination I decided that I wanted to earn some money for a trip abroad with my friend. At the beginning of summer holiday I got a job in the restaurant. I spent there short time, because I had to work twelve hours and my daily rate came twelve zloty. The employer got me one zloty per one hour and he allowed me kindly got the tips. This job was exhausting and my wages were poor, so I decided to leave. During consecutive days I was looking for information about vacancies in newspapers and I was reading job advertisements, but I didn’t find anything interesting.

One day my friend called me and he said that he could fix me up with a job. My friend was one of the counselors of summer camp group. As it turned out his peer was ill and I could substituted him. Next day I went to the manager of a camp. I found out that I had to have only a book of health requirements. Fortunately, I had had it before. The employer was unconvinced, because I didn’t have any experience witch children, but I persuaded him giving a certificate of first aid’s course. I signed a seasonal contract of employment.

Two weeks later, me and other counselors and fifty children went away for two-weeks camp to Miedzyzdroje. My duties included taking care of children, activities organization and looking after a table of kids at meal times etc. And it was really like that. In the coach I was scared and I pondered over it if I get by manage. First day was terrible. All children ran, shouted and quarreled. At night they went to other rooms, instead of sleeping. Foster children were troublesome and impossible. I thought, that I wasn’t cut out to be counselor. But day by day I started to accustom.

We swam in the sea, played a tennis, a volleyball or a football, put on engaging performances or organized discos or karaoke. During sunny days we were building sand’s castles on the beach. I organized a badminton competition or an aerobic in the fresh air. The aerobic with a music created a sensation. Unfortunately, there were some rainy days but children didn’t bored. They played ping-pong or took part in drawing competition. One day I organized a hike. One of my charges pushed other child, who fell down. Everybody thought that a leg was broken, but luckily the child had only bruised knee. Also read about my first day at work experience

It’s a good thing that everything turned out well. Two weeks have passed quickly, too quickly. I grew attached to them and I regretted that this camp didn’t last one month. Last day of a camp the manager paid me only 700 zloty, because I wasn’t a qualified counselor and I didn’t have special course. In the evening we had a leaving bonfire. I’m sure that children will remember this camp for a long time. This job gave me a lot of new experience and I learned patience, self-control and responsibility. I’m sure that in this year I’ll do a course for counselor and in the next summer I’ll spent there all holiday.

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