My Important Wrestling Match

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“Wrestle fast and smart but don’t muscle him he has some weight on you” Is what I heard my coach shout out as I checked in on the mat. I knew that this was a very big match it would determine if I was going to regionals. If I didn’t win this match all I have worked for would be thrown down the drain. Wrestling was a huge part of my life and this match was and huge part of my wrestling career. Once again my coach “shouted don’t muscle him when you shoot keep your head up and keep your hands tucked in! ” I stepped up to the line to wrestle and then the referee handed us out ankle bands.

These were used to determine who got the points. The referee was also wearing bands on his hands to match it with the wrestler when he would raise that hand and the count up with his fingers would be the amount of points you were getting. As I got in my stance the referee told us to shake hands. All I heard was the sound of the whistle as I thought of my attack and fought the kid to the ground. He was putting all of his weight on my head as I grabbed his leg and tugged, I had to spin and get my points. When I spun around and got on his back the referees arm shot up like a rocket and he exclaimed two.

Then I knew that I was up by three points one for my take down and two for spinning behind. I couldn’t get the fact through my head that if I lost this match all that I have worked for would be thrown down the drain. I was trying my hardest to break the kid down so that I could put him in a half nelson but he wouldn’t move I noticed that the kid I was wrestling was a rock. He knew what he was doing he knew all the takedowns and the defensive position to all the moves that I was trying to do on him. We then again started in our referrer’s position and this time I was on top.

As soon as his cheeks puffed up I pulled my legs together and I heard the whistle sound I went into a sit out and he got on my back. I knew I gave him two points because I didn’t follow through with the sit out. He was catching up to me. He got me on my back and I was struggling to get back to my base I couldn’t fight he was just to strong. Then I realized that I could go out of bounds to stop the clock. I tried to neck bridge and flip the kid out of bounds first so that I would start on top again. The first person to go out of bounds is the guy who starts on the bottom.

I kept on trying and when I was I though of this one quote, which says you’re already hurt, your already tired get a reward from it. After I remember that I kept on fighting I didn’t give up. He went out first and I started on top. The ref blew the whistle, I was very tired I began to lack with my moves and I just fell. My opponent got on my back and got his points. I was behind by three points with 15 seconds left I was desperate and I wasn’t going to shoot because that would just waste to much time and I knew that I wasn’t suppose to head lock.

I knew it was the only thing that I could do. doing a headlock would get me five points and possibly a pin. I thought until there were ten seconds left and then I shot straight into a headlock I heard my coaches frown and the I carried through i knew that my opponent could easily reverse it and get even more points then i would get doing the same move. but i still went for it because i was very desperate for the points. i walked through with the move as i couldn’t handle the pressure that he was putting on my arm.

Remember putting my leg behind his which is called a back heel trip it is usually used when you want to take your opponent to the mat hard. so that is what i did as i followed through i heard him scream with pain i put all weight on him so that he couldnt reroll me which would deduct my points ad give him the points. as i was putting my weight down the ref slid besides us and started to count up from one when he reached three he hit the mat and i had realized i had pinned him. i shot up as i smiled with joy i walked over to the starting point and then we shook eachothers hands. the ref then grabbed my wrist and raised my hand up.

Saw my opponent crying over his loss i walked over to his coaches and shook there hands when i was walking back to my coaches i came across my opponent and told him that he had that match that i was loosing and that there are plenty of other matches. after that i i stepped off the mat to my coaches and they were very proud but they kept on bugging me on the headlock that i did but after all i still won. my dad was very proud of me. he said he recorded me so that i could fix the flaws in my wrestling. i knew that this match meant i was going to regionals i was filled with joy and i couldn’t wait until my next match.

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