My first day at work experience

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I remember the first time I met my supervisor. Oh yes, it was a nightmare, I tell you! Ten long, boring hours with Mrs Mcgreen were torture! Believe me, spending time with her would be the last thing you would ever want to do. From the moment I stepped through the broken sliding doors of the “99p” store, she was on my case. Admittedly, I was ten minutes late but it was only my first day! Mrs McGreen roared her way from the till right to my face, screaming to herself. There was a ten second pause; it sent cold shivers down my spine.

Then, like a million fire alarms going off at once, she yelled, “You are ten minutes and twenty six second late! I felt as if my ear drums had burst. I backed away from her carefully, making sure I didn’t stumble over all the cans on the floor, some leaking… With those bony, slippery and almost mouldy fingers, she grabbed my collar. As if that wasn’t enough, her fingers stank of salt and vinegar! “Errrr… I am here for my work experience placement” I exclaimed nervously. I couldn’t help but notice her hideous, cracked lips and what seemed to be emerald green mould dripping from the corner of her mouth as she spoke. “Yes, I know! Now grab that broom and go sweep this whole store.

I don’t want to see a single piece of dirt on my floor! “I hurried to pick up the broom. You probably want to know what she was wearing so I’ll tell you: a purple and black stripy scarf was hanging down from her neck; small spikes were sticking out of it. No wonder she was so moody! A “bottle cap” badge (pinned on her armour-like jumper) read: “Mrs McGreen here to help”. How much more can a badge lie! It’s like putting a “bathroom” sign on my brother’s bedroom door! There were stains, stains and even more stains all over her trousers and shirt. Even the floor seemed cleaner than her.

Some stains were recognisable, like the smear of ketchup all over her chest, but there were also some which weren’t that clear. For example, those purple droplets rolling down her shoulder. I finished sweeping at around 3:30, if the clock in that store worked. I asked Mrs Mcgreen carefully if I could finally go home, making sure I sealed my ears first before another burst of police sirens emerged from her mouth. She grinned nastily- at that moment her grin felt like that of a witch. “Oh, but you’re not finished m’boy. You still have to do my office, and believe me, it’s far worse than anything you’ve ever done in your life! And it was… As I opened the rusted handle, I found I was trembling.

What dangers lay in store? The room was small and dusty, smelling of rotten fish. There were papers piled from floor to ceiling and collapsing boxes in each, cobweb-covered corner. I didn’t know where to start. Suddenly, I smelt something new hit the dank air and realised my supervisor was behind me. “I’ve tidied up for you,” she stated, before storming out again. I dreaded to think what state the place had been in before Mrs McGreen’s spring clean! As I began to sweep dead insects off the floor, I prayed that she didn’t invite me home for tea!

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