My fictionalise memoir is going to be on a real story that happened to me near the College of Southwark at the cut

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My story begins one day on a Tuesday afternoon after finishing my English class, has I was walking near the cut at Southwark I saw an elderly woman out side her door asking people to help her but no one help her then she ask me for help and because she was in her 70 to 80 I said yes not knowing what she wanted me to do.

I followed her to her apartment then she explain what she wanted me to do which was

She said that she is locked out of her apartment and that she left her key inside and the only way she could get in was to climb on to the roof in an apartment and jump down and I said to her this isn’t dangerous? Is it then she answered no it very easy for a young man like you then I said to her yes I will help climb in her apartment to open her door.

What the old lady never told me was that there was something in her house which I never new of until I climb up.

Has I climb on to the roof and opened the door on the roof to jump down I saw two huge terrifying dogs barking at me fiercely but the elderly woman said to me that her dogs her harm less she specifically said her dogs are the most wonderful dogs in the world and that they would never hurt a fly. She persuaded me that the dogs were ok then when I attempted to jump down again the dogs jump up with there teeth has with has a shark tried to beat my leg which made my heart beat the fastest they have beating before.

I was in great shock that I told her that I couldn’t do this because there is a possibility that her dogs could hurt me but she told me that her dogs wouldn’t hurt me in a weeping cry. I was shocked that the elderly woman was crying out to me to help her and she suggested that I should help her climb into the roof and she would jump down.

As I help her climb into the roof in my mind I new that this old woman could never make the jump with out injuring her self so mentally I built up enough courage to put away my fear of the dogs and I told her to shout at the dogs to keep them away which work but has I jumped down with great speed something caught my jumper and ripped out a red substance which the elderly woman thought was blood but this was just ketchup and chips which I had in my pocket then I open the door for the elderly woman.

I climb back up the roof to help climb down into a apartment and then she invited me into her apartment but I said no because my mind was still in shock because of what happen but she insisted that I come in then I came in. I was still frighten of her dogs but she let me know that there friendly and the dogs allowed my to stroke them and play within them.

The elderly woman and I had conversation about my what happened and my life and her life. Has I said good bye to ht elderly woman and her dogs I found out that the chips that fell on the ground has I jump down has been eaten by her dogs which I found quit funny.

This little scenario taught me a lot about my self because I believe I should me that I can over come my fear no matter how scared I am and that anything can be possible if the mind is used more wisely because in my mind I truly was not going to attempted the jump.

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