My ambition is to pursue a career in optometry

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One of the aspects of optometry and that appeals to me is its importance in the healthcare sector that can give me an opportunity to help people and apply my scientific knowledge and skills. I am fascinated by the sciences and chose to study chemistry, human biology and maths in my A-Levels. Chemistry has broadened my mind and aroused my interests further into scientific discoveries. It expands my fundamental chemical knowledge, refines my scientific and technical skills and develops my personal, communication and management skills. I chose human biology to bring about major benefits in my knowledge of the life sciences and to benefit me in my career as an optometrist. Maths provides me with a blend of basic mathematical techniques and skills in application of numbers to solving complex problems that arise in the real world.

I have increased my awareness of optometry since undertaking several work experiences in both the community and hospital sector. While studying at college I undertook a work experience placement at Russells Hall Hospital, which provided a realistic insight into the profession. I had the opportunity to shadow an optometrist and assist him in the hospital eye department. I witnessed how an infection in the eye was removed using modern laser technology, which was interesting to observe, as the technique used required enormous precision. Here I realised the importance and the degree of responsibility held by the optometrists and how patients are vulnerable and need reassurance from the health care system.

In order to be sure I was making the correct choice (while still keeping my options open) I organised additional work experience with a local Boots optician in Dudley. From this work experience I gained knowledge about how spectacles and lenses are prepared and I now understand the importance of the procedures carried out in examining patients. I developed a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of refraction, and saw something of dealing with members of the public, who may be nervous

To supplement my practical experience, I have taken the opportunity to develop my ability to communicate, by helping in my parents’ business as a sales assistant. This should be beneficial for optometry as I appreciate the requirement for effective communication skills, not only between the public but also within the team units of optometry technicians and assistants. This has encouraged me to look forward to working alongside a professional team and providing important health care information to the general public.

My academic experiences during my A-level studies have enabled me to be more independent and self disciplined which is an invaluable commodity for preparation to life at university. There are many areas in which I have communication skills. My home language is Punjabi and I speak it very fluently. I have helped many people who have had language difficulties and speak Punjabi. It will be a real asset to my work in optometry.

Away from my academic life I am an active and sociable person. Playing in various sports outside college such as football, hockey and badminton has taught me the importance of communication, teamwork and self- reliance. As well as keeping fit sport is a tremendous stress buster. I enjoy the outlet it provides a good chance to socialise. My other main interests are art, music and computing. From this I have realised that recreation is an important way of relaxing and easing stress.

I am convinced about pursuing a career in optometry. My self-motivation and determination together with a degree in optometry will make me a successful and responsible optician, and help me make a valuable professional and personal contribution to society.

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