Musiness task motivation

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If you asked ten different people you would properly get ten different answers. Starting at the most basic level, we all need food, shelter, water, warmth and clothing. To provide these we need money, and to earn money we have to go to work. One I have achieved these basic needs; we then begin to have other needs for working. Many people need to feel safe and secure at work, they want to know they have a job that will pay a regular wage that offers them a safe working environment and a job that is secure.

Some people still look for a job for life, but this is increasingly unrealistic these days. Advances in technology continue to replace job, which at one time relied on human resources, and at the same time create new jobs that may need different skills. Some people want self-esteem from work: They want status or power. They want their job to give them this prestige. Some people need friendship at work or, more importantly, to feel part of the team. They enjoy working with other people. Some people work to gain the opportunity to reach there fully potential:

They maybe created, like Lesley, producing her silk work, or have certain skills such as being at managing people, that they can use in there job or work. So, although people want different things from work, they can be put into the general categories: Basic physical needs, Safety needs, Social needs, Self esteem needs, self fulfilment needs. Maslows Hierarchy The American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a model of human needs to show people are motivated to work. This model is called a Hierarchy because it starts with basic needs at the bottom and climes to the higher needs at the top.

Maslow believed that people start at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs and, as they achieved the first level such as food and shelter, it is no longer as important and they then want to move on the next level. It is also true, however if low level needs cannot be met the high level need are no longer important. For example if you are starting food is only important need. Self-actualisation Self-esteem Acceptance , Love Safety Survival Primary Research Hi my name is navdeep and I would like you to spare some of your time answering these questions. This questionnaire is about what motivates people to work.

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