Mountain Biking Tools And Gear Essentials For Trail

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There have been times when people get so excited to get on to a mountain bike and hit the track. Not only a bicycle or a bike or things like food, sunscreen and others are important. The right mountain biking tools or gear make you and the ride comfortable and safe, too. There are certain things listed below which are important during a mountain ride:-

It is a good item because it contains a bunch of all the tools required during a ride. Instead of carrying tools separately it is better to carry a multi tool. Many multi tools have spoke wrench and chain tool. This helps in reducing weight during the ride.

Chain Tool:
Chain tools help in repairing the broken chain of the bicycle. A couple of extra pins and links should be there with the chain tool.

Spoke Wrench:
Spoke wrench is a tool which helps in tightening the spokes of the wheel if necessary. Because when the wheel starts wobbling it can cause malfunctioning of a bike and becomes unsafe to be used.

Flat Tire Gear:
A tire lever and a spare tube are necessary to be taken along on a mountain bike. CO2 cartridges help in filling the tires quickly. If your tire goes flat during the ride, there must be one tube repair kit which will help in repairing the tire again.

Water is necessary during the ride on mountains. Hydration backpacks are good and even a couple of bottles can work too.

Energy Snacks:
It is important to take along when riding such things as energy drinks, energy bars, fruits or any light weight snacks. Because mountain biking burns a lot of calories have a good meal before going for a ride so that you don’t feel hungry during the ride.

Take care of your skin when you are out for mountain biking. Your skin will be exposed to sun for a long period of time. For protecting your lips, chapstick with SPF is of great help, too.

Cash and ID:
Take your ID card and little cash along with you because you never know when you may need it. You can even take a dollar bill with you.

First Aid Kit:
It is very important to take the first aid kit while you are going for mountain bike ride. There are some basic essentials such as ointments, ibuprofen, antibacterial wipes, and others, which are very important to carry.

Warm Clothing:
There are changes in the weather especially when you go on a higher altitude. At times, it can happen that even if you started riding in a sunny weather, it might turn into rainy or cold conditions. So, it’s better to take a lightweight rain gear and extra clothes. There should be an extra pair of socks with you so you can change if they get wet. For cold weather you should carry gloves and a cycling cap so that you don’t get sick up on the hills.

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