Motivates people to go to work

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There are many things that motivate people to work, not just money. Businesses need to have a well motivated workforce or otherwise they will not function properly and to their full potential. Well motivated workers, work harder, are happier, produce more, help a business improve the quality of its products, make your company remain competitive and can mean bigger profits and keep costs down. So it is very important to motivate your workers. Here is a list of things that motivate people: Fringe Benefits, Job Satisfaction, and of course Money. All of these add up to motivate workers.

Fringe Benefits provide workers with many job perks such as a company car, pension plan and holidays. They are incentives that encourage people to act energetically and work harder or more effectively. Company cars are free from the company and are used to travel to and from work; the company also pays for the petrol as well. Some businesses offer a pension plan in which the company invests money for their employee’s retirement. Also companies can offer their employee’s free holidays which are all paid for by the company. Private Medical Insurance is also provided by some businesses which mean that the employee’s get free treatment for when they are ill.

Another benefit is CPE courses (Continue Professional Education courses) which are courses to further your education and specialise skills. Also men can get paternity leave which is when a man can take time off because his partner has just had a baby. Flexible hours are another fringe benefit, and help people to work. Workers will work better when they want to work. Telecommunications is another fringe benefit in which the business provides their employees with a computer so they can work from home. This can motivate workers as they don’t have to travel into work everyday of the week and they can feel as if they’re at home, because they are. There are some other fringe benefits as well like mobile phones, Christmas bonuses and various others, these all add up to motivate a businesses workforce to work.

Job satisfaction is also another big factor in motivating workers. If the worker likes their job then they’ll work harder and produce more. So creating a friendly and nice working environment will mean happy workers, who actually look forward to going to work. Also many workers want to climb the corporate ladder and get a promotion which will mean a pay rise, but probably more responsibility. This also can motivate people as they feel as if they are part of a team and are needed as other people depend on them to get the job done.

Money is by far the main factor in motivating workers to work. Everything in life boils down to money and without it there would be no businesses. People have a job to earn money. Without money you cannot survive. You need it to buy clothes, food and drink, shelter and heating and to basically live. There are very few things you can do without it. Most peoples aim in life is to become rich, so money is a very good motivator. That is why some companies have performance related pay, the more work you do, the more money you earn. So this means that workers have to work or otherwise they will not get paid.

People who support the view, that money is the only thing that motivates people to work, would argue that money means everything. They would say that without money you could not survive in today’s world, which is probably true. You cannot buy food, clothes, shelter and heating without it. There are few things in this world that are free. From the day you are born you are on a quest to make money. You start by learning at home, then at school and then maybe go to college and university. You do this to get a job and then to make money and all the time you are trying to make more and more money. Many people take it for granted how rich they are and can just throw it away, where as others would work so hard to get it, it is definitely a massive motivator into making people work.

People who oppose this view would say that yes money is a big motivator, but not the only one. Other motivators are the loads of fringe benefits you can be given, and people also get personal job satisfaction from where they work. Also little things like a friendly working environment help to motivate workers. To show that money isn’t the only motivator you can just look at people like priests, monks and nuns and people who work for charities that volunteer to work for near to nothing and sometimes nothing. This shows that there are more things in life than just money.

I agree with the people who oppose the statement and I think that money isn’t the only factor that motivates people to work but, I think it is probably the most important one. I have already said how important money is and that you can’t survive without it, but it is not the only thing that motivates people to work. Even though money is so important to people as they need it to satisfy their basic needs, people have other needs as well which an American researcher called A.H. Maslow put these in order of importance. This is shown in the appendix of this essay.

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