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Customer questionnaires: Customer questionnaires have advantages over some other types of feedbacks in that they are cheap, do not require as much effort from the questioner as verbal or telephone surveys, and often have standard answers that make it simple for the customer to answer. Mystery customers: Most businesses employ mystery customers to monitor their staff behaviour. A mystery customer will act like a normal customer so that he can be able to ask the staff members out and make notes about their behaviour and he will also be able to take some feedbacks from normal customers. This is most of the time an effective way to monitor how staff member react to customers and also to get good feedbacks from the customers.

Complaints and compliment letters Evaluate customer service For this task to evaluate customer service I will use the National Maritime Museum as an example. Evaluation of customer service at Maritime Museum This is an evaluation on customer service at Maritime Museum. I will be evaluating the service provided by the museum. The service provided by the National Maritime Museum is excellent and the staffs are motivated to do their work.

Customers will have a great greeting when they are visiting the museum and they will provide information on the exhibits. For example if a customer visit one of the history section and if they don’t know about it one of the staff members have to take his time to explain it to the customer. That would be good customer service because the lecture from the staff must be good because they have to take their time on providing information, which means all staff members have to know about the histories.

Satisfaction: Displays: The displays at maritime museum are big and every one can read it and they provide information on each display, also they provide special feature for the special people. The displays are organised. Food: The National Maritime Museum food is excellent (reference about the food in the museum at their homepage) because the Museum provide different types of food.

Staff quality: The National Maritime Museum Staff quality is excellent because the staff are motivated to do their work and they could do their job/role without oversee. Target Market: Family: I think the National Maritime Museum have provided better facilities such as baby changing rooms and special baby chairs for the baby. School: The National Maritime Museum has provided excellent service for the school by giving them information on different sources, which will help them in their education.

Groups of Tourist: I thought the facilities provided by the National Maritime Museum for the group of tourist were excellent, because they provided electronic guide, which will help them to choose a language. Special Needs: I think the special needs in National Maritime Museum were outstanding. The museum provide different equipments for each special needs such as visitors with visual difficulties they provide Large Print guide and Braille Guide with touchable objects. For visitors with physical disabilities the Museum provide lifts and ramps for the wheel chairs. For the deaf and hard of hearing visitors they provide perimeter loops, key audio installation and any assistance dogs.

Customer Expectation:

Safety: I think the National Maritime Museum safety was good because they provided Fire Exit. The safety is important for the Maritime Museum because they should take good care of the customers when they visit the museum and they should inform when their something goes wrong. Staff ;Products: I think the product knowledge were excellent because the staff known about the product. The communication skills provided by the Museum were superb because most staff was helpful by providing right information for the visitors.

Value For Money: The food provided by the National Maritime Museum was value for money because they provided different range of foods such as vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Keep your customers: If the customers are happy with the service provided by the Museum then they will have repeat business, so which means it will be edge over the competition. It is good for the National Maritime Museum to keep the complaints record so then they could improve their service in the future. E.g. Elisabeth exhibitions improved their service by providing time tickets.

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