Money-making industries in the United States

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Advertising is one of the most money-making industries in the United States. Companies must compete with one another in order to gain success. When advertisers plan their strategies for the sale of a certain product, they look at who would use the item. If the product was make-up, the type of person that would use it would most likely be a woman, around the age of thirteen and up. The advertisers would then find an ideal looking woman to model for ads to show the makeup on a person and try to get women to use it. The way that the advertisers describe the model will also get your attention;

they might say that she is not really beautiful until she puts on the makeup, or something along those lines. These advertisers target a certain background or area for their product, and choose the best way that would attract your attention. In the majority of apparel and accessory advertisements today, you will find sex appeal, seduction, and glamour the most popular ways companies try to sell their products. Everywhere we look, from make-up products to truck advertisements, we see the body and sexuality trying to sell all kinds of products. The use of sex has become a major selling method in society today.

It would almost be impossible to glance through a magazine or flip through television stations without coming across some type of product using sexuality. Sex appeal lures people of all ages to every product. The buyers get easily convinced by a product when modeled by an attractive woman showing a great deal of skin. Women especially are lured to a product hoping the product will make them prettier or just as skinny as the model. A typical stereotype of women would suggest a women is suppose to be pretty and lean, while men are suppose to be big and strong.

As an example in the Sketcher’s ad, the product being advertised is the newest line of shoes. Rather than just modeling the shoe, dolled up women reveal a lot more than just their feet. They are dressed in mini-skirts baring their long legs. Without speaking, this persuades the viewers maybe they could look that good if they purchased the product. Seduction is another sneaky and persuasive way to sell products. The women posing in the ad have a seductive yet innocent look. This gives the women a bold but sexy look. With their hair fixed up and perfectly done make-up, the models are supposed to look irresistible.

This sketchers ad not only has affect on females, but also males. A man flipping through a magazine is going to stop when he gets to a page of legs and attractive women from top to bottom. The models look directly into the camera. So, when looking at the ad, their eyes are meeting yours. Glamour is another way to easily attract and sway the audience. The characters in the ad are dressed up to look like a million dollars. The women charm and fascinate the viewers by their looks alone. The product could be worthless but an attractive young lady could make it look impressive.

The ad needs to stand out and make people interested. A product isn’t going to use a plain, unappealing girl to represent the merchandise. They are going to use someone who stands out in a crowd to get the readers attention to look at the ad. Once the attention is on the advertisement, the viewer is more likely to read up on the product. In the Sketcher’s ad, you will not find one unattractive female modeling their shoes. On the page you will find nine different girls. Two of the nine are not even modeling shoes. The two pictures up close make it look like an ad for make-up.

Seeing these glamorous women may help someone who purchases the shoes feel glamorous also. Using sex appeal, seduction and glamour are all tricky yet successful ways to promote a product. People are unaware of the scheme being used. No one actually sits down and analyzes every picture or ad they come across. But, sex is a great way to gain attention. This type of advertising will be used by companies for years to come and still will be able to achieve the goal of gaining the interests of the people toward their products.

Advertising is a message designed to promote or sell a product, a service, or an idea. As rapid globalization continues to produce highly diversified social values and a wide variety of media, the role and function of advertising must be highly mined. In this era of change in consumer awareness and consumption patterns, advertisers must develop efficient communication activities. Advertising reaches people through varied types of mass communication, through radio, reading and the biggest area is through television.

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