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McDonalds believes in delivery of quality food and aim at gaining consumer loyalty. This is achieved by the combination of strategies at all levels of business. To strengthen the image of business McDonald adopted holistic approach to meet the needs of consumers and to differentiate its position in the market. Regulations by government to comply with the health standards and advises of nutrition experts made McDonalds able to offer healthy and delicious products to its consumers such as Egg McMuffin, Big Mac etc.

Mainly because of imaginative vision McDonald penetrated and has grown successfully in the global market. Decentralized decision and autonomy of operational activities for its franchisees enabled the company to work effectively with its members in global market which ultimately supported the quality improvement program of company (Brit, 2007). McDonalds functionally is concerned not only with profits but also acquire knowledge of consumers taste, likeness, and lifestyles so that its future planning can effectively help to win the goals.

Planning impacts somehow either positively or result in new challenges encountering which require expertise and cognitive thinking to handle effectively. McDonald’s intelligence of market would help to find ways and win even in uncertain environment and unexpected challenges. Corporate strategy of having consumer insights enabled the company to sustain its position and grow by implementing this new approach and to prosper in international market. Compare the growth strategies of McDonalds versus Wal-Mart.

McDonalds emphasize on quality hygienic food products that are complying with health standards that show concern of McDonald for the health of its customers. McDonalds is now promoting its image by associating it with taking measures for green environment i. e. efficient use of energy and waste management that primarily focus on its stakeholders that directly or indirectly motivate the people to show positive response for the company and spread positive word of mouth hence placing the approach to change consumer attitude in effect.

McDonalds is facing a tough competition in market from its competitors that are trying to attract customers with relatively same products but in contrast to that customer easy access to products of McDonald and availability 24/7 enable the company to attract a large group of buyers (Arndt, 2007). Whereas Wal-Mart try to compete in market on the basis of low prices for its product that stretches the value of company in middle class people who prefer small discounts in everyday life and can compromise to some extent on quality (Bianco, 2007).

McDonalds is expanding in international markets and focusing on building brand equity as being the value food provider to its customers by involving nutrition experts’ suggestion and promotions focusing on children to grow. In contrast to that Wal-Marts main motive is to sustain its position in market and it tries to beat its competitors on the price-cuts and it positions itself as being the best place for price sensitive consumers that targets middle class people and it has started penetrating in international markets to grow its revenue. Conclusion

Best quality food and delivery of value to its customers enabled the McDonald to dominate the fast food industry. McDonalds not only focused on expansion of its outlets to increase returns on equity but also analyzed the consumer environments and insights to make strategies that differentiated the company from its competitors globally.


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