Modern Pentathlon Scoring System

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The Pentathlon was first played in Ancient Greece. It was again revived in the modern times with the Olympic Games. The pentathlon was again brought back however in two formats. Pierre de Coubertin, the father of Modern Olympics, invented the modern pentathlon.

For new entrants, the modern pentathlon scoring can be quite confusing. Each event is scored on a scale of 1000 points. For events which are timed, like swimming and running, there are time sets which are equal to the 1000 point scale. Points are added whenever you go over this set time and points are deducted whenever you go below this time set.

Below are the scoring systems for the various events:

Pistol shooting event: The competitor has to shoot 20 shots at a ten ringed target. The competitor can therefore make a maximum of 200 points. You can get 1000 points from 172 shooting points. However, your points will be deducted if you score less than 172 points and if you score more than that, points will be added to your score. Every point above or below 172 shooting points is equal to 12 pentathlon points.

Fencing: The scoring for fencing is more complicated. The competitor gets 1000 point to start with and he can gain or lose points depending on his performance. If you win 70% of your matches, you can keep your 1000 points. Each competitor faces each other once in the event and whoever scores first, is the winner of the bout. Depending on the percentage of wins or losses in the bouts, your points will increase or decrease accordingly.

Swimming: Swimming also has 1000 points scoring system. The men must swim the pre-determined length within 2 minutes 30 seconds and the women need to complete the distance in 2 minutes 40 seconds. The competitors can win 1000 points, if he or she can complete the required distance in the said time. However, if you are .33 second above or below the required mark, you can win or lose 4 pentathlon points.

Equestrian: This event is scored differently compared to other events. You have 1200 points to start with. However, the rider can win 1200 points, if he rides without any fault for 1 minute and 17 seconds. The rider also loses points for any mistakes that he makes during the ride. The number of points he loses depends on the type of faults that he makes. For instance, if he knocks down an obstacle, he can lose up to 28 points. If the rider cannot complete the course in the given time, then he can lose 240 points along with losing some points for any obstacles that he may have knocked down.

Running: The scoring for running is quite simple. 1000 points can be won, if the men can complete the course in 10 minutes and if the women can complete it in 11 minutes 20 seconds. However, the competitors can also lose or wins 4 points for every second above or below the said time.

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