Modelling – System analysis

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Requirement specification and expected outcomes The reason for producing the system is to produce an invoice for the customer and give them an estimated price for their car hire. Luton Airport have decided to expand their business and install a car hire service for customers interested in hiring cars. The users of my car hire will be the system manager and operator. The system manager would use it to maintain it safety and keep it updated and the operator will be at his desk looking at the history of the cars etc. The customer will also use it but only get the invoice.

The information will be presented to the customer via an invoice as this gives them the option to either look at the cars for hiring or consider buying it. Also it gives them the chance to choose the car THEY want and is suited to them, there will be a variety of cars. It will be user friendly which is very essential for the invoice. It will also be presented to an on screen operator so that he can produce a quotation for the customer. The type of information to be collected from customers will be personal detail, financial details and vehicle details. The personal details will be name, DOB, age etc.

The vehicle details will be that of the vehicle itself. I. e. engine size km charge make, model etc. Also the financial details will be collected like payment methods etc. The information will be produced automatically by the modal if the formulas are inserted correctly. E. g. If the name of the customer was changed from Anees Razzak to Ian Gandu it will be automatically done. Basically this means that once a new customer has filled in his details in the final draft it will automatically be transferred to the invoice and replace the previous customers personal information. Software selection

Whilst deciding upon my software, I had various software’s available to me such as: 1. Spreadsheet software 2. Word processor 3. Desktop publisher 4. Database software 5. Drawing software 6. Presentation software I did not do use ‘Word processor’ because I cannot work out formulas on ‘Word’ and it not designated for using formulas. ‘A database’ is not user friendly and is available in very few computers therefore I did not really consider this option. A ‘presentation software’ is more focussed on the presentation and I find it very difficult to work on ‘PowerPoint’ therefore I ruled out this possibility.

I decided against’drawing’ software obviously as the problem is not based on drawing but modeling. I also decided against using a ‘desktop publisher’ as it could not work out formulas and I was unfamiliar to this software. I needed software that could work out formulas, be user friendly and be available on most computers and ‘spreadsheet’ has exactly that. As it was available on most computers, the car hire service could have been built in different places. The only other realistic alternative to a spread was a word processor. I am more familiar with a word processor but it cannot calculate formulas, whereas a spreadsheet can.

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