Mission Impossible 2 Trailer

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The Trailer for the film Mission Impossible is full of action packed excitement and amazing stunts. The films distributor is a company by the name of Paramount, this is a large and respectable company and with its easily recognisable logo it attracts many people to see this film. This film has a wide range of features and the use of speed plays an important part in the film. For instance, at the beginning of the film it uses various types of effects like when the camera fast forwards to focus on the main actor ‘Tom Cruise’.

Wide shots are also used on this film such as when Tom Cruise is climbing the mountain. The camera then uses various camera angles to bring out the intensity and action of the film. Just from watching the opening scene it already brings suspense and tension to the viewer and throughout this film there are many stunts and exhilarating scenes which really catch the viewer’s eye. Tom Cruise plays a very important part in Mission Impossible 2 and his image and character has to stand out. For instance there’s a scene in the film where Tom Cruise is seen driving a motorbike.

The camera uses a lot of different shots to bring out the gripping effects which really catches the viewer’s eye. It also makes the scene more powerful and intriguing. To make a successful film trailer another important issue is the famous names who star in the film and to show these names in the trailer. For instance Tom Cruise’s name has big letters which already shows the viewer how important this star is and it also attracts a big audience maybe because the star of the film has been in a blockbuster before and that people are intrigued to see him in another movie.

The director of the film also has an important part to play in the film and can therefore attract many people to watch the film. John Woo is the director of the film and is easily recognised because of his past films which have been blockbusters and to film buffs this is another advantage to more and more people seeing the film. The colours of the trailer also bring an atmospheric excitement to the viewer, they show action, danger, excitement and thrill. When focusing on the actual story line of the film the viewer can gather a substantial amount of information which he/she can use to sum up a summary of the film and what it’s about.

For instance at the start of the film it shows Tom Cruise on top of a mountain wearing glasses, to which the viewer finds out that glasses are telling Tom his mission and from this it tells us a quick over view of the story line. If you notice Tom Cruise has a kind of English accent which can attract an English audience and it gives the viewer an idea of the story line and what the film is actually about. The music plays an important role in the film and from the style of music it can describe the film in quite a lot of ways, for example the music may be mellow and still therefore the film maybe about love or fairytale.

But the actual music in the trailer is fast, exciting and has a heavy beat, this builds tension and suspense to the film and it makes the audience hold their breath. Suspense brings effectiveness to a film especially on full of action and nail biting stunts. For example, when watching the film trailer it doesn’t show the title of the film until at least half way through. This makes the audience hooked on the film and makes the viewer want to know the name without forgetting.

Image is an important part of the film; this shows the audience the style and superhero type involvement in the film. Tom Cruise is dressed in black, with glasses which shows the viewer he has a good style and a ‘cool’ image. He is also a ‘ladies man’ which can attract women but also men because of the attractiveness of the ladies. Tom Cruise also performs stunts which really sets and action packed scene, these stunts are also followed by music which brings suspense and tension in some cases. Overall this film trailer brings a taste of special effects, Technology and action.

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