Misjudging An Act

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It was a cold bitter murky night, the lights of the tall, dull, characterless lamp posts was reflecting off of my front windscreen infiltrating a distraction creating an inconspicuous vision of the road in front of me. It was the time of Micheal Jackson’s first single hit (Thriller) 1986. I had Thriller playing loud and clear in my car causing a rumbling effect beneath my seat, as the vibrations of the speakers were extremely loud. I was approximately 25 minutes from home, I wanted to reach home before Eastenders started rumour has it that in today’s episode Phil is going to be shot by an anonymous murderer.

I sustained my drive along highway D34, rush hour had just past so I had a steady drive home. Suddenly thunder had struck, people closed their windows and curtains, there was a roar of tongues from the people who were outside facing the thunderous weather searching for victory against nature, the rain hit my car like silver crashing to the ground. I came off the highway and approached a narrow road, I opened my window and I could smell a unsatisfying smell elevating from the gutters, as I closed my window I caught a glimpse of a stray car in my rear view mirror with its head lights on full beam.

I continued driving admiring the pleasure of Micheal Jackson’s sympathetic voice until I realised the car that was behind me was drastically increasing its speed. I looked around like a quarantined gargoyle, I noticed nothing as if nature used transparency to conceal the dangers of monstrosity. I had no apparent idea of why the car behind me was speeding up rapidly causing the engine to rev up to approximately 6000 rpm. I spotted the car gaining on me as if it was attempting to drive me off of the road. I gradually felt a shadow of dimness looming over the right hand side of my car.

I momentarily looked to my right curious and concerned of what maybe occurring and I saw that identical car that was behind me speeding past me adjacent to my car on the other lane, scrapping it’s tyre’s against the refurbished tarmac roads generating a group of stones to flicker on my window because of the pressure of the friction between the tyres and the road. My skin cracked like a pod, my feet trembled like a simulator and I sat in trepidation. I thought to myself that’s unusual I’ve never had that feeling before, maybe I’m lacking vitamins.

I decided to follow the car like it was a victim of suspense on the run. I had been following the car for roughly 10 minuets and the amount of left and right turns I had taken was absolutely horrific. Finally I noticed that the car in front of me was decreasing its speed at a very slow rate. The back left passenger door swiftly opened creating a squeaky noise as the hinges were severely rusted. I saw an object, in my opinion fall out of the car or was it thrown out of the car? I stopped beside the unsuspected object wondering what I may visualise.

I slowly realised what had fallen out of the car, it was a tall white man, short blonde spiky hair like a crew cut, but overall what struck my attention was an ugly mark under the tip of the suspects nose, it looked like a recent burn mark. A car merged up behind me curious of the late night activities taking place, I screamed out to the driver call 999. I left the inconsiderably injured suspect with a stranger my independence and reliability relied on. I continued driving I noticed that same car that the suspect had been thrown out of.

I observed the passenger windows as luminosity blonde, slender, and wavy hair was flying out of the window because of the monstrous gales. I was following the car relentlessly and I thought to myself I have been put into the middle of a conundrum, I have just witnessed an ugly scene that agitates me all over. I mistreated that inducement and pursued to follow this car, I turned a blind eye as a bird fluttered directly past my front window causing it to grasp my concentration and as a result the car I had been following for an enormous amount of time had vanished.

I turned back to approach at the dilemma, as I was an imperative witness, I assumed my presence was crucial. I gradually strolled over to the police officer petrified of he’s answer and deep down I was extremely abashed. My heart must have been pounding faster then my cars maximum speed. I comforted myself using meditation skills that I had picked up in a course last year and it’s not till now I have realised how worthy and valuable the course was. I briefly explained my side of the story to one of the nearby officers and after 10 minutes of discussion he replied We have to stick to our rules and regulations and wait for a statement from any other witness until we are able to track the assassin down”.

I thought to myself if the assassin were standing right next to them they would most likely ingeniously ignore them and follow formalities ignoring the assassins presence. I thought this is a mission for me to accomplish successfully, Mr. Gill to the rescue, okay now I am performing slightly immature. I went back home preparing my self for a chaotic day on a mission to search for the assassin. I knew I could not complete this mission without any agglomeration evidence.

I set my alarm for 6:00am in suspense I would be able to get up but in my perspective that would be tremendously impossible, as I under no circumstances wake up till approximately 2pm. Sunrise had broke, birds were singing and the clouds were humming, I woke up to the echoed voice of the birds. Today out of all days seemed like a victorious day, I was happy, people were cheerful and children were screaming in the liquid sun. I left the house unacquainted, searching for the Assassins, New York is an enormous city, and I had no idea of where to look.

I picked out a location randomly The Bronx, the town where you find “The rough and the scruff”. On the way to the Bronx I picked up a delectable and scrumptious burger from McDonald’s. I was travelling on the M737 and I noticed that same car that I saw yesterday revving at 600rpm like the clouds were fighting for victory against each other. I was miraculously shocked, I thought I would be in New York stuck in the horrendous traffic and not achieve any results, but it looks like faith is alongside me.

Before I lost the car again I wrote down a brief description of the car, a cyan Mercedes saloon 600spi, with enormous lights enhancing the antiques of a Mercedes and the smooth curved body enabling the Mercedes to drive swiftly through the winds of a monsoon. Fortunately I did not lose the Mercedes this time, I followed the Mercedes until it became stationary. I parked up 3 cars behind suspicious of the activities taking place in the Mercedes, unnoticeably I noticed the slender blonde haired lady exit the car and approach an unsuspected man, I got out of my car in a hurry I walked up to the lady and said You are under arrest for the murder of an innocent person yesterday night” I thought to my self what am I saying I’m not a police officer I’m a resident of New York trying to catch the Assassins, I continued to play the role of an NYPD officer.

The lady replied “My god, are you sure, do I like the type to murder” Waving her hair to catch my attention I replied “Of course not, but you have been accused of the murder” She replied “Oh I’m so sorry I miss-apprehended what you was saying, yesterday night it was my husbands birthday and me and my friends played an exciting prank on him by leaving him in the middle of New York all night”

I thought to my self if what she is saying is true then she is innocent, I replied “Have you any evidential evidence or support to back up your theory” She replied “Yes my dear of course my husband lay inside on our cream luxurious couch” I followed the blonde beautiful lady into the house and I saw her husband, he lay on the couch sleeping like Kobe’s volcano was inactive. I knew it was the same man because of he’s revolting scar under the tip of he’s nose. I left the house telling the blonde haired lady to phone the police and keep them aware of your story.

I left the house with no Assassins, but I have accomplished my mission by finding the Assassins. Who ever said a woman is a man’s weak point, the only weak point I have is a McDonald’s burger. Think for a minute can you imagine a burger? Big, Juicy, Humongous, Delectable, beefy, Pre-fried burger, waiting for you to take the first bite opening your mouth as wide as the Pacific Ocean using the intense strength of your jaws to bite into the burger with maximum pressure. The burgers poison purifies your flesh using the sum of evil, your perpetual kindred love cannot resist the temptations of the burger.

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