Michael Owen

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Michael Owen signed as a trainee professional at Liverpool in 1996 as promising out-and-out striker. He won the 96′ FA Youth cup in his first season with Liverpool. His first senior goal came for Liverpool in May 6th 1997 against Wimbledon. He holds the record for England u15’s top goal scorer with 12 goals in 8 games. He progressed through the ranks and made his first senior cap for England on February 11th 1998 against Chilie. On May 26th 1998 he became England’s youngest goal scorer with a goal against Morocco. Since then he has made 74 caps for England, 7 of them appearances being captain.

In his time with Liverpool FC, he was the premierships top goal scorer in 2001, won the UEFA super cup in 2001, FA Cup winner in 2001, league cup winner in 2003 and scored 163 goals before moving to one of the best teams in the world, Real Madrid on the 13th August 2004.

Michael Owen returned to England on 31st August 2005 after failing to adapt to the Spanish football league and failing to establish himself as a first team regular. He signed for Newcastle United and scored his first goal on 18th September.

Michael Owen is one of the world’s best in his position and is a well established world class player scoring 35 goals at international level football. The 27 year old is currently playing in his 3rd world cup for England. The match I’m analysing him in, is the 5 – 1 win against Germany in 2001 at the Munich Stadium, Germany in which he scored a hat trick.

Michael Owens main Strength is his speed. Being only 5ft 8inches tall gives him an advantage when competing against the opposition. He is fast enough to get in front of defenders and create himself goals scoring opportunities. His Response time is also very quick which enables him to respond to through balls quicker than defenders and allows him to beat the offside trap more times than not. He is quick to process cognitive thoughts and make the right decision quickly and under pressure.

Being small adds both strengths and weaknesses to his game. Because of Michael Owens size, he is not very strong. This can cause problems when trying to hold the ball up, whilst waiting for team mates to assist. His lack of strength also makes it easy for defenders to muscle him out of challenges. Although he has a consistent quality first touch, His height makes him a hard target to reach when playing long balls. If he trained his lower limbs, he could perhaps improve his power so he can jump higher and win aerial challenges.

He struggles to shoot from distance and very rarely scores goals from outside of the penalty area. This could be because of his lack of power in his favoured foot.

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