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There are many ways of working with the use of information technology. Before the use of computers, many people had to do with just pen and paper. But now, due to the technology available to us, which is advancing everyday, many businesses have become more successful and environments are made easier to live in and better to work in. Multiplex cinemas depend very much on the use of technology. With the use of computers and their technology, mutiplex cinemas and many other businesses are working more efficiently than a few years ago.

Ticket booking can be done over the phone which is a more convenient way of buying tickets without having to go out and be turned away disappointed dur to sold out tickets, cinema prgrammes can be e-mailed to Ticket booking can be done over the phone which is a more convenient way of buying tickets without having to go out and be turned away disappointed to sold out tickets, cinema prgrammes can be e-mailed to your e-mail address.

It is not only multiplex cinemas that have received the many advantages of the methods of working with the technology of today. Many large companies methods of workinghave changed dramatically. Visible affects are ATMs’ (Automatic Telling Machines’) which provide us with a cashless society. Many people are now in favour of using “plastic” by means of credit and/or debit cards. Many people feel more secure and do not have to worry about taking out large amounts of money and losing it. Money can be conveniently be taken straight out of your account.

ATMs’ are in action, 24 hours a day, and money can be internationally transfered into different accounts over the internet. The methods of working in the 21st century have dratically changed from the 20th century. Computers are able to stored thousands of files in little space whereas before, files had to be stored on paper which may have taken rooms of shelves. Many major companies and businesses rely on computers to handle shareholders information or calculate the months spendage for example but if the main servers fail than the company could lose millions of pounds in just a few minutes.

Even though there is this risk, many companies take this option of convenience and speed of working than using the old fashioned way of using pen and paper and self knowledge. The risk of loosing valuable information is reduced by regularly saving the information and have a few back up copies of it. Methods of working in many different businesses have changed dramtically since having the use of information techonology as it saves time, completes tasks more efficiently and also may save money. Quality of work is also better presented.

Many more businesses can operate more efficiently with the use of computers. In multiplex cinemas, nearly everything organsied using computers. A growing amount of cinemas are changing film formats from reeled films to films on disks, such as DVD format as they do not require staff to regularly check up on the film to see that it is running properly. But one disadvantage of having films on disk such as DVD is that, for example, a piece of hair may be stuck on the projector through out the whole film.

Tickets can ordered online and paid for by credit card. This can be a 24 hour service which may be controlled by computers. Customers can chose what type of veiwing and ticket they want by chosing options by using their telephone key pad. Computers and information technology has changed society for the better creating more efficient and better running businesses also making more money.

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