Methods for communicating business information

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The audience may have a range of people of different ages. Those who are younger will only be able to concentrate for shorter length of time, while older people and those are who are highly educated will be able to listen to a presentation or other forms of communications such as reports. Younger people will respond well to visual stimuli such as power points rather than verbal presentations. Different types will respond differently to different forms of communications.

Businesses will range from the age and the amount of education a person has. For example in an industrial business or supermarket will have a wide range of people. Those who work on the shop floor in a supermarket will have a range of people of ages and the education they have. Some may have basic GCSE level or none at all or may be studying at a degree level. The type of communication that is given to this type of audience will vary.

A letter is a form of written communication. Letters are considered to be the easiest form of communication simply because they are simple and quick to produce but also because they provide a written record of correspondence that can be useful in the event of a dispute. Another form a non electric method for communicating business information is a memorandum. This is an internal form of communication for the business and serves the purposes of transferring short messages between members of staff. A report is used as a formal reply to a task that has been set. It is a common form of communication in the business industry and amongst many other forms of organisations. An invoice is a document that is produced by the business. It informs customers that they have bought on credit. The sales department has the responsibility to produce such documents. An invoice will have the details of the

Products bought by the customers, the date, details of payments that are required and the date of when the payment is required. Such documents are kept for six years as they later may be used as evidence of a contract if any legal action should be taken.

Screen based communications are now becoming more common in businesses. Most forms of communications in the technology world use screens to show information. For example tills have screens to show customers and the cashier the amount that has to be paid and the goods been bought. Screen based communications have become increasingly common and are now used for a range of purposes such as cash machines, railway and airports.

Email has become another popular source of communication. The advantages of emailing are: Emails are seen as an informal source of writing where abbreviated words are used. For this reason business emails are written in a less formal way and a friendly tone. Business messages are now being sent and received through text messages (SMS) which is available between mobile phones. This method of communication can be replaced for memos and emails to send messages to employees. Text messages benefits those employees such as sales people who travel frequently as part of their job to be kept up to date with important developments. It also used as a form of advertising the business. Customers can be attracted to the business by the carious text messages they receive by the business on the products or services.

The web is one of the biggest changes that have been made in the business world. Due to the internet becoming increasingly popular, businesses have taken this to this advantage. The internet has shown to increase sales and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers. The internet has helped widen the target market for many businesses. Businesses such as Sony are able to promote and reach to customers globally through the internet as trading resolves the issue of time differences for customers living different parts of the world. The progress of this has allowed businesses such as Sony gain sales and a profit boost.

It also benefits the business as it allows the businesses to change products and pricing if circumstances change. This is a cost effective way of change as products being in stored would have to go through the process of reprinting advertising materials. Another reason why the internet has become cost effective is because it has allowed customers to access information on products that would otherwise have to be accessed through broachers, catalogues or leaflets.

Telephone calls fast form of communication. This method of communication is effective as it allows instant discussion on a matter and response. Most businesses have a conference via telephone so that a number of people can be involved in a conversation and discuss business matters. Video conferencing is where a business will have a meeting through computer screens. Businesses may want to communicate with people in different locations. Video conferencing makes it easier for businesses to hold meetings within their premises without having to travel.

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