Method Used to Work Out Cash Flow receipts

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As I had limited resources it was quite hard to figure out the receipts, here is how I did it: The membership receipts were forecasted according to the firm’s objective of attracting at least five members per month. Membership per month is �25, not too high not to low and affordable price for business men as they are they only ones that become member, as my questionnaire states no students were interested in membership system. First month was five multiplied by twenty five. Second month was calculated by five multiplied by twenty five plus the first months revenue third five multiplied by twenty five plus second moths revenue and so on.

The internet usage sales revenue was calculated based on my questionnaire and the information collected from Cyberia my main competitor. Cyberia informed me that during January, February, March, April, may and November they get around 36 customers a day. During June, July, August and September period they get around 50 customers a day. During October and December business is decreasing some times even less then thirty people a day. From questionnaire I worked out the percentage for each usage time.

Interviewed 60 people out of that 8 (13.3%) said they only use internet for 30 minutes, 10 (16.7%) said for one hour, 20(33.3%) said for 1-2 hours, 13 (21.7%) said for 2-3 hours and 9(15%) for more then 3 hours. I implied these percentages to the estimated number of peopling using the service each month. Multiplied all the number of people for each time period by six as open six days a week. Then multiplied that by 4 as there four weeks in month.

My questionnaire shows 38.3% of the users are students and the other 61.7% are adults worked that out for each time period and priced them accordingly. This method is good as I am forecasting based upon some sort of data, however the reliability of the data is not known. They could be completely wrong leading my business in closing down. The usage of the play station is related to the usage of internet, as my questionnaire states half the people that use the internet either use the plays station them selves or I accompanied by someone the uses it i.e. business men are accompanied by there children occasional according to my questionnaire. So all I did was halfed the internet usage revenue and took off a bit more and put that as the play station to sales revenue for each month. This is not that accurate, however it is the only data I can go by its better then wild guess.

Food and drink was based upon a quote given to me by a worker at Cyberia. This is using past data to predict future which is know to us as extrapolation. The revenue generated from the fax machine is going to be fairly small and again it s quoted to me by a worker at Cyberia. The capital introduced was from my own saving, which I had saved up for this business.

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